Star Ruler Video Tutorial

Since the in-game tutorial in Star Ruler is entirely text-driven, it can be pretty difficult to get in the swing of things. To help new Star Ruler players along, we’ve created a Video Tutorial to complement the in-game tutorial and help players understand some of the basic gameplay of Star Ruler. It should be perfectly possible to start playing the game after watching these Tutorials, though they obviously do not cover everything the game has to offer. They are aimed at the beginning player – and we encourage you to start a game and try some things for yourself after watching them.

Star Ruler is available on a number of digital distribution platforms, and a demo can be downloaded from its official website.

Alternatively, you can watch the videos on YouTube:

Star Ruler Video Tutorial – Part 1
Star Ruler Video Tutorial – Part 2
Star Ruler Video Tutorial – Part 3

If you found our Star Ruler Video Tutorial useful, please let us know by replying below, or by letting us know via our YouTube Channel!

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Managing Editor of ManaPool, Peter lives in York, UK and is a great fan and master of turn-based strategy games. If he isn't playing one of those, you'll probably find him in a role-playing game instead. He's definitely not afraid to provide a straight up opinion on any game and has a strong like for indie developers. We all start small, after all.

  • Panpiper

    Thank you for the video tutorials. It is a lot easier to learn a complicated interface when you see someone actually using it.

  • Evil Tactician

    @Panpiper – you are very welcome. Apologies that it is based on such an old version of Star Ruler. I fully intend to go back to it and do a better job some day but I have a huge backlog of games to get through :(

  • Ben

    Please update this :) An instruction on how to beat a medium computer would be a great tutorial.

  • Evil Tactician

    Not played this for quite some time Ben, though I have been meaning to do so for a while now. So many games, so little time :(

  • Erich Swafford

    Really an amazing piece of work. The friendly AI is excellent and the learning curve, while steep, is easy because of that AI. You can delegate things to it, so you aren’t overwhelmed in the beginning. Later, I was able to take over certain aspects at my own pace and according to what I was interested in doing at the time.

    What wonderful flexibility, and nothing like it has ever been done, AFAIK.

    Way to go, guys. This one, like Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, will never leave my hard drive.

  • cpt.ahab

    Very Good Game. Very nice. Sandbox 4x Strategy. I did look very long time for a game like this. Thank you very much. So i played like 30h now but i cant defeat the medium AI?