Why Gaming on PC is Better than on Consoles

Many people love gaming on their games console with so many great options, from the latest Playstations to the best Xbox consoles, but PC gaming still holds its own. PC gaming is not only better value but PCs also often have greater upgrade capacity and more options for backwards compatibility. The brilliant flexibility of PC gaming makes it stand out as a better option. Read on to explore more reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming.


PCs offer greater capacity for backward compatibility. It is often impossible to play an older game on a modern console, while PCs usually allow easy compatibility with older games. This means you can enjoy a wider games collection with your PC with many games from older times still fine to play on your modern machine. Windows 10 is being billed by Microsoft as the best Windows yet for gaming.

With consoles, you will have to buy a new game, which is a nuisance and again costs more money. It is also a shame that you cannot play your old games and these often get carted off to charity shops where someone who still has the old machine can get purchase them. With PCs you can also often access old abandoned games for free online, including many classic titles.

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Value for Money

It is obvious that high quality PCs are more expensive initially than games consoles. But this is only the initial outlay and you can get a lot more from your money with a PC as you can do so much more with it than play games. Prices of PCs have come down a lot in recent years with great graphics cards and memory cards now highly affordable.

Where PCs beat consoles in terms of price is the lack of upgrade capability with a console. Gamers end up buying a new console every few years as newer, better ones keep being released. You can’t upgrade your console in the same way you can upgrade your PC. With a PC you can keep getting more powerful memory, better graphics cards or any important accessories, such as a new fan.

PCs often have better resolution than consoles. While Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox are proud of their true HD games, PCs have been offering top notch 1080p and above resolutions for many years now. Even medium power PCs can handle high resolution games these days.

Modifications and Add-Ons

There are much more add–ons and mods available for PC gamers. Older games often have free support for PC, such as bug fixes and enhancements thanks to fans who love their PC gaming. Other add-ons such as more unofficial levels and extra features have become standard for many PC games as people enjoy creating the program and distribute it for free to other fans of the games. This is simply for the joy of gaming! Another bonus is that PCs offer huge amounts of storage space, as much as you want to buy basically, unlike consoles which are limited in the space they offer.

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