Why Esports are The Future of The Gambling Industry?

While most people may think of competitive titles like Counter-Strike, Mortal Kombat, Rocket League, etc. to be fun, for others, it is a way of life. Today competitive Esports is a billion-dollar industry and not just for the players but for those that bet on the outcome of these games. So, by essentially combining the accessibility of gaming with the thrill of sports betting the casino and gambling industry has been able to create an industry that now has massive appeal. But that’s just the beginning of it!

The future of the gambling industry, at least a good portion of it, could end up becoming Esports. In this article, we’ll look at how Esports in the UK is on an upward trend and is now going head to head with other more established sporting events not only in terms of audiences but gambling.

Esports Trending in the UK

We all know just how horse racing is part the culture in the UK. It is after all one of the top 10 sports of the country and a favorite past time for many. Take, for instance, the Cheltenham Festival, an immensely popular sporting event that is watched by more than 260,000 people, and that record is broken almost every year.

The Cheltenham Festival is such a large event that it is no wonder that it is sponsored by a large number of businesses, offers gambling opportunities, large prize purses, and there is a great deal of speculation. Just last year well over $60 million changed hands during this comparatively short 4-day event. Many people walk away with a lot of money, if they ended up betting on the right horse, others may lose a great deal too.

Even though horse racing is immensely popular in the UK, esports is gaining popularity not only in the UK but also across the Atlantic in the US, with over 150 million people playing video games. Out of that, around 65% percent of these people are either regular gamblers or have placed bets at least once in their lives. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the esports betting, sports betting, and casino industry amongst the fastest growing in America and the UK. As a matter of fact some recent research figures show that the online casino industry will soon hit the $9.4 billion mark as early as 2024.

What Are Esports?

Most people reading this may already be familiar with esports, but for those who are not it is playing video games competitively. While most may play esports titles for fun others do it to make money, which primarily comes from betting.

Types of Esports Titles

Now there are various types of esports titles. Some of the most popular are PES, Street Fighter, Starcraft, Warcraft, FIFA, etc.

Generally, esports is played against other people who can be halfway across the world or just around the corner over a LAN or internet. There are also various tournaments that give punters an opportunity to make money. Take the LOL World Championship and The International.

Now because there are literally hundreds of esports titles and players, punters are advised to do their research. It is important to choose the best bookmakers. Furthermore, select games which you are familiar with, bet an amount you can afford to lose. Also, choose an online casino or bookmaker who offers bonuses and other features that help you make the most out of a bet.

Why Esports is the Future of Gambling?

Well the one-line answer is because it is easy and very accessible. Unlike established sports like football, soccer, basketball, etc. there are new esports titles coming out almost every year. Each title has its own set of expert players who then compete against others. Not only does this variety keep things interesting, but draws more people into the world of esports gambling.

While games like Counter Strike kicked off the esports revolution and with that online betting, today, there are dozens of games on which punters can bet. However, because there is so much uncertainty, and every game is different from the other, gambling with your eyes closed or with little knowledge can be harmful.

Like all gambling, it pays to know who the player is you’re betting on and how good they are with the title. Check out their Twitch feed and keep an eye on the top players before you start betting. That way, you’ll stand a better chance of striking gold in this fast-evolving industry.

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