Why Blackjack Is Easy to Understand and Fun to Play

Black Jack is still one of the most popular Casino games worldwide. It involves strategy, tactics and luck and you can play it almost everywhere.

One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it’s easy to learn. Moreover, it’s a fast game, unlike poker, where you have to wait for your counterparts; that can be quite tiring.

The goal of the game is to achieve a combined value with the cards on your hand, which are closer to (but still below) 21 than the combined value of the dealer. Keep in mind that you will exclusively play against the dealer, not against other players.

Card values are easy to remember, it’s not rocket science

It is quite easy to remember the card values:

  • The number cards range from two to nine and the value of each card equals its number.
  • The ace represents either the value one or eleven, depending on what’s more beneficial for you.
  • Jacks, Queens and Kings get the value ten each.

Colors are not important; you don’t need to care about that.

The rules are straight forward, you simply have to take more cards…or not

When the dealer distributes cards, every player gets a first and a second publicly visible card. All other cards will remain on your hand. The dealer, however, will get only one visible card.

From now on it’s your call. You can get as many additional cards (“hit”) as you want. If you don’t want any cards anymore (“stay”), you should be as close to 21 as you can. If your combined value is above 21, you have to give your cards to the dealer, you’ve lost and your money is gone.

When all players received their cards, it’s the dealer’s turn. If he has 17 or more, he won’t be allowed to take another card anymore. If he has less than 17, he has to take another card.

If the dealer goes beyond 21, all players who still have their cards will win. If his combined value is lower than 21, every player whose value is closer to 21 than the dealer’s value will win. So for example, if the dealer has a combined value of 19, every player having 20 or 21 will win.

The best hand you can get is a ten and an Ace, that’s called a “Blackjack” and you’ll get a higher payout.

You can play real-life or online, it’s up to you

Blackjack is a popular Casino game, in the real world as well as online. Those gamblers who are not necessarily looking for a casino environment, but are more interested in the gambling itself, should take a look at the various online-Casinos.

Big online-Casinos have very well designed gambling platforms and offer attractive bonuses. William Hill blackjack, for example, is one of the most famous online games among gamblers.

It doesn’t matter if you are better suited for the real world or for online-gambling, you will have tons of opportunities to play blackjack. Give it a try, it’s fun, easy to play and if you’re lucky, you’ll make some money with it.

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