Why are arcade games still so popular until today?

Arcade games are an unforgettable part of life for many of us – obviously, they were the star of the early 70’s. At the end of 1930 arcade games started to pop up here and there. At that time arcade games only consisted of few small games like coin operated pinball games. They actually took flight in the early months of 1970, when developers had an incredible idea of putting manual controls for games that required controlling a car or airplane.

With this big change, arcade games became so popular that even small restaurants began to install coin operated arcade game machines to attract customers. From around 1970 to this date arcade games are still popular. Let’s take a look at the factors why this is the case until today.

People still find arcade games amusing

From day one arcade games allowed us to immerse into a virtual world which has a simple design yet it is so addictive that we instantly fall in love with it. Arcade games are cheaper to play until this date. It is true that modern games have higher graphics and better gameplay, but with arcade games there is a nostalgic feeling that we cannot just shake off. Games like: Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids, Defender, Centipede and Galaxian are still very popular among a big portion of true gamers.

These games were so popular that even today there are many duplicate versions of these games made available for different gaming platforms.

Movies and TV Shows play an important role

Movies and TV shows that are based on the 90’s still show kids and teenagers playing and hanging out in an arcade game café. One of the best examples is Netflix’s Stranger things. On the first episode they dedicated a lot of time to arcade casino. We can also say that the arcade casino being a benchmark of proving something is from the 90’s. This is the importance arcade games in our lives. People just can’t forget their merry memories of playing games on an arcade coin machine without any worries.

The very nature of the games was futuristic

Arcade games were and are popular for some specific reasons. They feature an easy interface and games are easy to pick up with only a few clicks, while the games of an arcade game machine offer dedicated hardware and software. That means that the game and the controls are perfect for each other and offer a supreme experience. Still, in this modern time there is no game which has its own dedicated hardware for players.

Modernising the arcade game has made a difference

As we already know how advanced the modern gaming world is, the question now is how the arcade gaming world is operating in this harsh world of gaming where there is a new game out every minute. To survive in this modern world, arcade games also have to go through modernisation. Nowadays, arcades are now mostly comprised of new games that are fundamentally different then the old arcade games we all know. Now arcade games do not have traditional controllers, arcade dance games require dancing pads then there is also shooting and fighting games based on movies like Star Wars.

These games require plastic guns. Some musical games also require musical equipment’s shaped controllers like guitars or drums. The focus of arcade game companies today is different than before. Back in the days they focused on creating new games that are fun to play but now it’s all about beating the next competition. Still, after all these things the craze for arcade games has not gone down. You can easily find an arcade gaming centre in almost every major mall all over the world.

Arcade games are still one of the hottest games in modern casino websites

Modern online casinos still use arcade games for betting as it is still very popular among customers. Bettors frequently search for arcade games on their online casinos. By taking a look at the list from top10-casinosites.net – , you will notice that arcade games are still included in the portfolio of a lot of popular bookmakers and casinos, be it 888Casino, Cash Arcade, LeoVegas, PaddyPower, Dunder, Coral, Ladbrokers, Casiplay, Dazzle Casino and WinStar.


Arcade casinos are an integral part of our lives and for some it even goes back to their childhood. We all love to play arcade games because of this. By modernizing the arcade gaming world, providers have managed arcade games to be able to coexist with the already blooming modern gaming industry. Until this very day, more and more teenagers and kids are getting attracted towards the modern arcade games.

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