Which Devices Provide a Greater Gaming Experience?

Gamers of today are spoiled for choice with the number of exceptional platforms to choose from. As the various mediums from mobile, to console, to virtual reality battle for supremacy, it helps each of them to raise their individual games, and the overall standard improves. But which devices are currently leading the way when it comes to providing the best gaming experience? Is it mobile, consoles, or VR?

It’s hard to look past mobile as the preferred route for gaming entertainment by many. The numbers say it all. In 2016, there were 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide, and that figure is expected to rise to 2.87 billion by 2020. In comparison, only 25 million consoles were sold in the same year, while even fewer VR headsets were shipped – just under 13 million. You may be thinking that not all smartphone users play games, which is true. But research has found that 64% of the American population will play games on their phones at least once a month, so these gaming figures would still massively outdo console and VR.

The reason why mobile has become so successful is its convenience and variety. The games can be played on the move, and usually don’t require too much time investment. It’s this pick-up-and-play format which has led to games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush to take the world by storm – daily revenue of the two games equals over $2 million combined. Casino operators have realised that their instant win games are perfectly suited to the platform as well, and the online casino UK market is becoming furiously competitive, with some sites offering £200 bonuses to entice new players. There is no doubt that the booming gambling industry has also helped to boost the appeal of mobile gaming.

While the mobile platform is clearly in the driving seat, it doesn’t necessarily provide the greatest gaming experience. Consoles and VR can offer players something completely different. Ever since the early Nintendo and Sega systems, sitting down at the TV and gaming has been a popular pastime. And the games of today are providing players with an even more exceptional experience.

Now, open world epics like the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which swept gaming awards in 2015, are offering players such a level of in-depth gaming which has never been seen before. This game and many others for current generation consoles are providing great value for money, because they normally include well over 100 hours of game time.

VR shouldn’t be ignored, either. Although the platform is still in its embryonic stages, there is serious potential for it to create unrivalled immersive experiences. The online casino industry has noticed this as well, and developers like NetEnt are already creating content for it like Gonzo’s Quest VR. These games would most certainly help boost VR’s global appeal.

In the end, the greatest gaming experience is a matter of opinion. Mobile offers the most accessible games, but consoles and VR currently provide the better escapism. No matter what your preference is, this is undoubtedly a great time to be a gamer.

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