When Prevention is Better Than Cure

I have always enjoyed playing at high-quality online casinos like Conquer Casino UK where I could enjoy either a few minutes on a slots game whilst in my lunch break, or settle down for a session of live roulette which I am fond of. The main reason I enjoy the live games is that they take place in real time, with a real-life croupier (or dealer.) It’s about as close to being in a bricks and mortar venue as you can get, until virtual reality came along.

The thought of a virtual reality casino was intoxicating, and I couldn’t wait to get my head-set on and experience the total immersivity that only VR can offer.

I wasn’t disappointed. Walking into the lobby, looking about, choosing my table, in fact, the who experience blew me away, for about fifteen minutes, then I began to feel ill, so much so, that I had no choice but to take the head-set off and cut my session short.

The feeling was not dis-similar to car or motion sickness, and it stayed with me for several hours. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to feel this way, and when I was up to it I began to do some research on how to prevent this affliction. I wanted to go back into to VR but not until I had a good idea how to control the sickness.

Below are a few tips which you might try if you too suffer with VR sickness.

Firstly, take some deep breaths, and this means that no matter how exciting the game is still try to be aware of your breathing as the faster you breathe the more light-headed you will become.

When you are playing try to fix your eyes on one point especially whilst turning. Focusing like this might be a simple solution to combat VR sickness.

Believe it or not, chewing gum has helped some to combat the nausea as keeping your jaw active can help you to view your virtual reality for a longer period of time.

Lastly, try to take yourself out side to escape the virtual world, and if this means that you have to set some time aside to do this, so be it. You need to be mobile and active as those that are not fit are proven to suffer from virtual reality sickness more than those in good health.

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