What People in 2010 Thought Gaming Would Be Like in 2020

The past ten years brought many changes to the video gaming industry. Some major changes include cloud computing, improved graphic rendering, and mobile video games. Yet, with few exceptions, video games today look much like 2010 gaming.

This brings us to the question. What future gaming technology 2020 predictions made a decade ago actually came true?

Online Casino Gaming

This is one industry in which video game predictions have proven most accurate. From virtual currencies to virtual reality, the online casino industry developed many innovations predicted in the gambling world. You can find casinos that accept cryptocurrencies and offer virtual reality casinos on playcasino.

Gaming expert Kate Richards enjoys many of the virtual gaming experiences now available to players. According to Kate, the player and game interaction delivers the authentic brick and mortar casino feel. You’ll feel right at home with your favourite online virtual casinos like Slots Million and Mr Green.

Video Graphics

Released in 2009, Avatar proved to be a James Cameron masterpiece. With unparalleled digital graphics, Avatar immersed viewers in a wildly imaginative narrative. 2010 gaming experts predicted that the video graphic technologies in 2020 would eclipse those of behind Cameron’s masterpiece.

Though many top games of the decade indeed feature phenomenal rendering, these games haven’t quite lived up to the hype that experts predicted. Currently, if you’re looking for the holodeck of Starship Enterprise, you’ll be stuck waiting to see what comes out in 2030.

Massively Multiplayer Online

One of the great gaming achievements in the previous decade was World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment. This juggernaut introduced us into the world of massively multiplayer online games. Instead of gaming with a few of your friends, you could play with millions around the world.

Many pundits agreed that by 2020, single-player games would be archaic forms of gaming entertainment. Though undoubtedly one of the best games of the decade, World of Warcraft and its many competing variants failed to make the breakthrough promised in 2020. Single-player and small-multiplayer games continue to dominate the video game landscape.

Gameplay & Controls

Do you remember Nintendo Wii? Introduced at the end of the last decade, this was the harbinger of the motion capture video game industry. While Microsoft and Sony raced to play catch up, motion video gaming was the next battlefield of the tech giants. Well… maybe not so much.

One of the future gaming technology 2020 predictions made in 2010 was that motion capture would be all the rage by 2020. This is one prediction that just fell flat. This type of gameplay gave us as much excitement and disappointment as the first hoverboard (remember when they were a thing in 2015?).

Mobile Gaming

Just three years before the end of the decade, Steve Jobs announced the release of the Apple iPhone. This kickstarted an arms race of digital technology to develop an even smarter Smartphone. 2010 gaming experts can now be forgiven for thinking that this development meant the end of consoles as we knew them.

Some believed that Smartphones would herald a new age in electronic games. Though many teens glue themselves to their phones and tablets for endless hours each day, console gaming proves to be as resilient as ever. Perhaps due to the lack of advances in video graphic technology, mobile devices have failed to fell their rival console gaming devices.

Virtual Reality

Ahh… virtual reality, the constant prediction that experts keep on… well, predicting. Sure, you’ve got your Oculus Rift and your Sony Playstation VR headsets (remember Google Cardboard?!), but virtual reality continues to disappoint pundits every time there is a 10 year prediction to make.

In 2010, gaming industry insiders were predicting a level of sophistication that would put us on par with our favourite sci-fi TV shows and movies. Unfortunately today, that is still a prediction many stardates away.


At the beginning and end of every decade, we’re treated to a peanut gallery of experts willing to face humiliation ten years down the road. Our favourite experts may have failed us with their future gaming technology 2020 predictions back in 2010, but one thing is for certain. They’re sure to entertain us with their failed 2030 predictions as well!

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