What is Poker?

Often people just play these online casino games but have no idea whatsoever what they are about. Sure, you have heard about the game of poker and mastered how it played and you have done likewise. But we still think that knowing where it originated from and what it is, is also significant don’t you think?

Now without wasting much time with our maffling let’s get right into it. Poker is a casino card game. But it did not start off being a “casino game.”

Game Origins

Believed to have started 1,000 years ago. Poker is a game that has progressed through sundry country and cultures. And that explains the variations to cater to different people. Theories keep on piling about where the game of poker really came from. With some casinos online saying it is of Chinese origins, German origins, even France origins.

So it is safe to conclude that the origins are rather on a grey area. But we did mention that earlier the game has crossed many lands and it is possible that it got all its traits from different places. And no one can be really called the possessor of the game. Which brings us to the different variations that the game has.

Poker Variations

Where to start? Let’s begin with one of the most popular variant that is texas hold’em. Many people, who place a bet on the game, know it by the above name of just Hold’em. With the similar trait to other variants of using a deck of 52 cards. But then what sets it apart from other variants is that 2 cards are dealt facing up.

Omaha Hi

When a game has a variant you will notice that they are all the same but with a slight twist. And that slight twist is what sets the game apart from the rest of the other versions. Omaha Hi is almost the same with Texas Hold’em just that the hole cards dealt differ from the rest. And there is also three variants of Omaha Hi poker.

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