What Do High Rollers Play?

High rollers, otherwise known as ‘whales,’ are the very best of the best when it comes to gambling. Typically opting for games with high stakes, huge wins and an equally large number of players, these gamblers like to stick to their favourite game and win as much as they can from the house – but what kind of games can you typically find them playing?

When you think of a high roller, the stereotype lends itself to scenes of huge amounts of cash, poker tables and expensive cars, however, not many of us truly know the full ins and outs of the lifestyle and how they make it there.

High rollers don’t always have to play with millions – every game can have their own version of a ‘high roller’ dependant on the jackpot size or the maximum bet amount. An online slots broker, for example, might have smaller wins than a mansion casino that has a higher budget with higher payouts but regardless, there are always players willing to play with higher amounts on games that they’re good at and that they love.

It is a common misconception that high rollers only like to play poker. In fact, in many cases, rather than opting for games such as poker where the house has a significant advantage over the player, a game of baccarat makes the odds for the house to win extremely slim. As a result, this is a popular choice for high rollers as it evens the playing field and allows them to earn money easily.

When playing games as a high roller, it is common to stick to the same style of game; whether that’s a game of poker or a high-stakes slot machine, there is normally an element of brand loyalty to their choice in games. For example, a high roller could favour NetEnt games, though you won’t find them on a free spins page due to the lack of high payout from doing so.

The life of a high-stakes gambler tends to see them on specific sites that offer higher payouts and VIP deals that help to entice them into playing. This is particularly the case with online casinos, as the high rollers tend to opt for rooms with the highest jackpots, bets or monetary prizes. This is typically what leads to brand loyalty, with a number of players returning day by day or week by week to play amongst familiar faces and with familiar games.

When playing as a high roller you are often treated to VIP benefits such as free food and drink throughout the duration of your games. In extreme cases, they also treat you to exclusives such as free private jet transfer and free use of the casino limousine to get to and from your hotel. This, therefore, raises the stakes of each game for an enhanced experience for those that are playing on these tables.

When playing as a high roller, it is not just about the money you win, it is also about a show of dominance within the house. This is vital, as there can be up to £2,500 placed on one bet and intimidation tactics can be a powerful tool. Win or lose, this is a way to flash the cash that you have and enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes along with the thrill of the game.

Whilst the high roller is playing, the casino is working overtime to ensure that they are happy to keep them playing for as long as possible. This is key for the house when high rollers are present as they then have the chance to make money or even earn back some of their losses.

Some of the benefits that can be received by these high rollers on online casinos are:

  • Cashback on losses
  • Free seats to tournaments
  • Free merchandise
  • Bonuses on events such as birthdays

This is all put in to incentivise the player and ensure that they have the best game possible whether in a brick and mortar casino or on an online one. In addition to the above benefits, the online high rollers are also offered an accounts manager, to ensure that they are gambling responsibly when online. This is of a benefit to these high rollers as they can then be recommended the best amounts to bet in order to get the best possible return of investment, helping them to up their game and win more in the long term.

So whether you are playing online or in a casino, you can keep your eye out for the high rollers, and if your budget is high enough why not give it a go? Who knows you may end up winning big as a result.

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