What are the Safest Casino Payment Methods in 2021?

One of the primary concerns of gambling, in general, is that the players are required to share their financial details with the operators like credit card and bank details. It’s natural to be sceptical as data theft, fraud, and hacking is quite common in the modern era.

This is why we need safe payment methods that can bypass the risks associated with gambling. Each of the processes mentioned below has its share of pros and cons. Readers are advised to research them in detail before settling down with a method of choice. If you’re a fan of iGaming, visit Casino Jinn for the best deals.

Pay by Mobile Credit

The payment sector is one of those areas where technology is dominant. And people are constantly coming up with new ways of transferring money while minimizing risks. Pay by Mobile solutions is incredibly easy to understand and users simply need a cellphone number to get started.

This form of credit can be paid back later and is a great alternative to traditional casino deposits when you’re getting close to payday. Pay by Mobile credit is like a microloan but without the paperwork. The application process is quite convenient and some of the best casinos accept this payment form.

Voucher System

We aren’t referring to shopping vouchers here! This payment method is the closest to depositing cash at online casinos. There are few popular internet banking systems that issue payment vouchers and these are widely accepted in the gambling industry. Some popular convenience chains like 7-Eleven and the likes will often sell these.

Gambling with vouchers is safe and you’ll need a PIN code to activate the cash balance. This eliminates the probability of getting your credentials stolen. One of the perks of gambling with vouchers is you get to control what you spend. Since vouchers come in pre-specified limits there is no way that you’ll overspend.

Virtual Visa Cards

Virtual Visa Cards work like credit and debit cards but are generally prepaid. Once you’ve used up the balance the cards are worthless. Since Visa cards are widely accepted, getting one made virtually is beneficial to your bankroll. These are easy to use and don’t require secondary accounts to operate.

Virtual Visa cards also act as a barrier between your bank and the dealer. Hence, users don’t have to share their account details with third-parties. One of the drawbacks of virtual Visa cards is the one-year expiration while some others might be restricted to $1,000.


Cryptocurrencies require no formal permission since they aren’t legally recognized as fiat currencies. This means you’re free to use them as you please. The growing demand for Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies makes them popular around the globe and many leading casinos and sports betting operators have slowly begun treating them as legal tender.

Since cryptocurrencies use blockchains, these transactions are truly anonymous. But once complete a transaction cannot be reversed. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and their prices jump every four years. Therefore, investing today could lead to massive returns in the future.

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