What are the best genres of game to try first for new gamers?

There is no doubt that gaming seems to have won over a lot of new fans in recent times. From its geeky, bedroom origins of the 1980s, it has now gone fully mainstream. This has meant that lots of people who might be new to gaming have bought a console, started playing online games, or begun to spend time on their PC. One of the real questions for any new gamer though is which genre to try out first? This is a critical choice as choosing one that you find dull, complicated or boring could put you off gaming for life.

Which genres should new players gravitate towards?

Online casino games

One of the most popular genres within the whole gaming sector right now is online casino games. In the UK alone, the online casino sector generated £3.2bn in 2019. This looks set to grow further globally as we move forward. It is also a genre of game that is ideal for new gamers.

Online slots are the perfect choice as they are easy to understand, simple to play and lots of fun. Casino games such as slots are also great to play casually when on a work break. This could appeal to new players who are only just dipping their toe into the water. As the Gambling Metropolis site shows, it is also a genre that offers attractive bonuses to new players. From free spins to no-deposit bonuses, finding the right promotions online can offer free chances to win.

Sport games

When we look at game genres for new players, sport is another obvious suggestion. As with casino titles, they give a fun, action-packed introduction to gaming. There is also a great selection of titles based on major global sports, so new gamers can find a title they like with no fuss. From the football-based FIFA franchise to the American football-themed Madden NFL series, new players have plenty of choice and will enjoy playing as their favourite team. As you will normally pick a sport you know to begin with, these games are easy to pick up as you get the rules already.

RPG games

One of the most popular genres of any type are role-playing games. These see players take on a character in the game and embark on daring quests or missions in far-flung lands. The reason why this is a great genre for new players is that RPG games are so exciting, entertaining and interesting. There is a huge variety of games based on themes as diverse as sci-fi or fantasy. They also show off just how creative and awe-inspiring gaming can be to full effect. RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and SanctuaryRPG from Black Shell Games really show just how daring this genre gets.

Choose wisely to discover the joy of gaming

The above certainly give any new gamer a nice mixture of fun, simplicity, accessibility and the chance to really see how deep games can go. As previously noted, it is worth new players choosing a suitable genre of game to test out so that they enjoy it fully. This will then show them how awesome gaming is and persuade them to come back for more.

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