What are the 5 Best Mobile Games for 2017?

With a whole host of flagship smartphones due to arrive this year 2017 is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting years in recent memory for the mobile gaming market.

So with a sweet selection of smartphones and other mobile-based gadgets landing we will once more be treated to the next generation of powerful devices, where gaming becomes an even bigger part of these highly anticipated upgrades.

The number of mobile gamers out there is growing and the games themselves are continuing to improve in quality and spec. Couple that with the continued utilisation of incredibly popular and beneficial sales models the best games around are bound to see plenty of interest.


Fans of puzzlers will love this cute little award-winning game from RAC7 Games. With a few swipes it’s up to players to help guide critters back home to their spaceship by splitting the screen and moving things around.

Of course, as you progress things get a little tougher but that just makes it all the more challenging and addictive.


The mobile-gaming platform has gone from strength to strength and it’s most definitely the go-to platform these days. There’s a whole host of classic console and PC-based games that have already made the transition such as Sonic and popular slot games, that you can enjoy if you click here, and now major selling titles are getting in on the act too.

It might sound like a more bite-sized spin-off but ‘Minecraft’ fans will not be disappointed with this excellent new Pocket Edition app. Now you can enjoy all the fun and creativity that comes with this ever-popular block-building adventure game right from your smartphone.

It’s a game that’s been around for a while but thanks to a recent horde or new content and updates it’s fast becoming a well filled out gaming environment of its very own.


Ninja Pizza Girl is pretty much as fun as it sounds, and what’s more it even has an underlying moral to it. Disparity Games’ NPG lets players follow the actions of a teen delivery girl who has to race across town in order to deliver pizzas to the customers of her father’s restaurant.

What makes it stand out is it even manages to touch on the subject of bullying which it handles brilliantly.


This fantastically creative effort from Warm Lamp Games sticks players in a virtual totalitarian state as they take the role of a government-installed landlord.

It’s up to players to decide whether they want to spy on their tenants, using listening bugs or carrying out covert room searches, or to go against the powers that be and protect their tenants from the authorities at their own risk.


At first glance you’d be forgiven if you thought this was a Crossy Road spin-off, but sliding puzzle game Slayaway Camp has much more to offer. Players must help out a serial killer by chopping up as many innocent parties as possible in a blood-soaked frenzy of pixelated pulp.

He’ll slide around until he hits something that will end his killing spree and it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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