Want to win some awesome gamer gear from JINX.com?

Wait whot? Free loot? Yep, that’s right – Mana Pool has teamed up with J!NX, who were so awesome as to provide us with $150 worth of gift vouchers for their geek shop. Their clothing store is packed with gamer goodness, from World of Warcraft shirts to Minecraft. There’s definitely something cool to be found for pretty much any gamer, and joining in the contest couldn’t be easier. If the contest has a good response, we might just do this again next month. And the month after. And… well you see where this is going. So go and tell your friends. And their friends. And their dog. And.. wait you’re still here?

We’ll be giving away a $15 gift voucher to 10 winners, each valid on JINX.com to be spend on whatever you like. Socks, a hat, or even a sticker to put on your lunchbox – we won’t judge you (much..) It’s your fifteen bucks and you can do with it as you please.

J1NX World of Warcraft

Participating couldn’t be easier, so pay attention:
Please note you have to follow all steps, don’t stop at the first 2… without a comment / valid e-mail address we can’t contact you!

  1. Like J!NX on Facebook: http://facebook.com/jinxclothing

  2. Like Mana Pool on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ManaPool

  3. Leave a comment on this post, ensuring you use a valid e-mail address so you can be contacted IF you have won.

Whether or not we will do this again will depend on the response, so please do hit the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post! Perhaps you can win again! And if we notice you participate regularly in these events, we’ll go out of your way to reward you for that – 3 of the winners will be hand picked, with the rest being completely random! So if you’re our biggest fan, you might just find yourself with some new clothes soon!

The competition will close at Midnight (GMT) on Saturday the 16th – and winners disclosed on the Sunday.

the author

Managing Editor of ManaPool, Peter lives in York, UK and is a great fan and master of turn-based strategy games. If he isn't playing one of those, you'll probably find him in a role-playing game instead. He's definitely not afraid to provide a straight up opinion on any game and has a strong like for indie developers. We all start small, after all.

  • http://learningsc2.com Daniel Coutts-Smith

    Awesome! I love Jinx Sc2 Gear and I <3 you guys! Good to see you guys teaming up. :D

  • MGSdude

    Oh cool , get liking people and good luck!

  • Shawn spencer

    Nice team up you guys rule

  • Tim Smedinga

    Contests like this are what I’m good at, clicking buttons and writing texts :)
    And the loot would be awesome, Jinx has some very awesome clothes in there :D

  • Kraken Wakes

    Kraken Wakes Likes This. Kraken Wakes Smaash.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kevin.nagg oasis789

    Count me in please! Liked both on FB as linked

  • LFFPicard

    Liked and shared on all media, good comp!

  • Jeremie J

    Liked both
    Thank you very much :)

  • Ceriel Roland

    Nice going guys :)

  • http://www.deanvaessen.com Dean Vaessen

    Rawr! (:

  • Mjollnir

    ill take a chance at the free loot – w00t, GL all =)

  • Chopsticks

    Done and done. My question is, how do you confirm that we’ve liked both pages? :P

  • http://www.shadow1980.co.uk Evil Tactician

    @Chopsticks – Combination of Awesomesauce and a bit of trust. (But usually we can tell quite easily)

  • Psymantis

    Hopefully not too late.

  • http://www.airbornegamer.com/ Adam

    Sweet contest guys! Looks like Jinx has got some pretty cool gear!

  • http://www.shadow1980.co.uk Evil Tactician

    The competition has now ended, and the winners have been notified.

    Daniel Coutts-Smith
    Shawn spencer
    Tim Smedinga
    Kraken Wakes
    Jeremie J

    Congratulations to all winners, you will find the voucher codes in your e-mail inbox!

  • MGSdude

    Wow, thank you muchly :D will let you know what i spend it on :)

  • http://learningsc2.com Daniel Coutts-Smith

    Thanks! I will let you know what I end up getting <3

  • Kraken Wakes

    Sweeet! I can’t remember the last time I won anything in a competition, this has made my week.

  • Chopsticks

    Unfortunate, my voucher isn’t working. :( I sent you an e-mail with a screenshot and contacted J!NX. Thank you so much for it though. It has made my week. Especially since I received it on my birthday!