VR Fitness Games

When most people talk about VR Games, all they think of is the roller coaster experience. However there is a whole lost more VR than just roller coasters. As we can now use the technology to get a good work out. It may be an intense workout, but we can assure you that it is worth it. That being said, allow us to look at the top VR Games that you can use to give yourself a good workout.

Box VR

If you love boxing then we are sure that you will love Box VR. As you play this game, you will punch away with a nice rhythmic beat to keep you in tune. This is a high octane, muscle flexing and fat burning exercise. According to newzealandbetting, players will as they play this game, get a chance to work on their chest, shoulders and arms. To add on to that, you can easily box yourself in to your dream body and ultimate fitness. Furthermore, you can with Box VR calculate the number of calories that you burn with each workout.

Knockout League

Are you an aggressive individual, who easily gets frustrated? Then we have the perfect VR workout game for you. The Knockout League will allow you to burn off all your frustration and get into shape as you do so. Players can keep count of the calories that they burn with each work out. The 80’s arcade style game is tailored to go perfectly with the HTC Vive.


If you loved Dodge ball and miss your days playing it, then you definitely try Sparc. The VR Game is quick paced and has you throwing, blocking and dodging balls from you opponent. This will in turn give you the perfect blend of lower and upper body workouts. And to add on to that, if you love to compete, you will definitely love this game. After all the work ours are done, you then relax with a few online pokies nz games, as your body will need to recuperate for the next session.

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