Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality or VR has become the new buzz word especially in the gaming world but don’t let that fool you as it has applications in almost every walk of life including the health service, education and numerous industries, but today we are going to look at what VR can do for the gamers.

So how does it actually work?

At present VR devices are pretty similar although how they actually project the images in front of our eyes can vary. PC based operations like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive require you to have a decent PC. Google and Samsung offer customers smartphone based headsets which are more affordable, and Sony have the PlayStation VR.

Google and HTC are pretty keen to provide standalone VR which is something to look forward to.

What everyone who is making Virtual Reality headset, app or game for that matter is working for is to make the whole experience totally immersive. This means that the experience is so real that players forget the computer, the headgear and all the associated accessories to become totally wrapped up in the game acting just as if they were in the real world.

In order to do this what appears to be a life sized. 3D virtual environment is created without the boundaries that we usually see and accept with television or computer screens.
For instance if we take a look at an online casino like Schmitts Casino and check out the choice of games they offer you can see that Live Multi Player Roulette is one of the options.

Live games are one of the nearest things to a real casino that players can experience as they are streamed from a real casino to your television screen via your webcam. The croupier or dealer is a real life human and games take place in real time.

Now imagine if you could take that experience further. Imagine that you could enter the casino and take in the complete environment, the table you chose to play at would probably have players from all over the world experience the same environment as you.

In fact the possibilities are quite fantastic when you begin to think about what could be achieved. Tournaments could be played via VR and that would mean that competitors would not have to travel from venue to venue in order to play.

We do have a way to go before that happens, but if technology keeps up with its present trend of advancing in leaps and bounds, the future for games looks virtual.

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