Vikings: War of Clans — The Jarls Newest Recruit, the Shaman

In an ever-expanding world, Vikings: War of Clans has a new leader amongst their ranks: Shamans, a new Hero class. These travellers from the south possess unique knowledge and untold abilities that allow your armies to defeat the onslaught of enemies. On December 4th, 2017, these Shamans stepped into the Northern lands with the intention of aiding our Jarls, but who are these mystical beings and what do they bring to our aid in this dour land?

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Ghost Banishing

Shamans are spiritual beings whose magical abilities aid in the destruction of certain enemy types and yielding more produce from certain resource productions. In Vikings: War of Clans, Shamans are the only ones able to receive rune fragments and able to banish a ghost on the map. Ghosts are a new enemy, similar to invaders, who give random drops as well as rune fragments when they are killed or banished.

There are four types of Ghosts that you can find on the global map: the Moon Wolf, the Twilight Fox, the Rock Boar and the Abyss Guard. Each ghost drops different rune fragments and each ghost only shows up for a limited time before it disappears from the map. If you want to know which Ghost will show up on the map next, players are invited to check into Vikings: War of Clans social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Upgrading your new Hero

Shamans are levelled up differently than other heroes, as they have ‘levels’. By gaining experience through banishing ghosts, upgrading buildings, completing quests or tasks, Shamans are able to level up. It is important to remember that when you are upgrading your Shaman that they are limited by their stage of initiation. With a total of six stages, there’s a lot of room for growth for your new hero.

Along with the Shaman update, Vikings introduced a building called the Hall of Mysteries. The Hall of Mysteries is a Shaman-specific building that is designed to be a hub for all the information for your Shaman.

You can find a Shaman’s bonuses as well as available equipment in this building. Having this designated building for Shamans definitely makes it easier to navigate your village and upgrade your Shaman when you have enough resources. When your Shaman has an upgrade available, you will see a yellow up arrow above the Hall of Mysteries. It will be important to dedicate resources to creating this building because you’ll otherwise be unable to have a Shaman in your army.

Hall of Mysteries

The introduction of the Shaman not only allows for a more diverse army but it also allows for new abilities and new tactics. The introduction of Shamans and ghosts has really opened the world of Vikings so that players are always presented with new challenges.

It might take a while to understand how to best integrate our new hero from the south into your army but their presence on your team will allow you to increase your resource productions and increase your army’s strength when engaging in clan challenges.

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