Victoria II Patch 1.3 Released

Paradox Interactive have announced the release of a new patch for Victoria II that brings numerous improvements to the acclaimed grand strategy game.

Major features of patch 1.3  include:
- Improved AI for economy and military matters
- Economy system rebalanced, with support for proper free-market adaption
- New system for how gun boat diplomacy and bankruptcies work
- Socialists can now back political reforms and Liberals can do social reforms (though each less than the other)
- Pop promotion and assimilation have received a major overhaul
- Artillery is now a more useful unit, and mobilization does not punish sparsely populated countries as much
- Many bug fixes, game balance tweaks and interface improvements

The patch is now available for all Victoria II owners though the game launcher and on all leading digital distribution platforms.

The patch is also downloadable here:

For a complete patch note, please visit:

Download the Victoria II demo here:

View the Victoria II Rise to Power trailer:

For more information
Web page:

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