Trends Between Video Games and Online Casinos

The worlds of online casino and video games have always been aligned. With technologies used in video games slowly being operated more and more within the online casino world. This has opened up limitless opportunities for online casinos and shows no way of stopping. The themed slot games for video game characters have been so popular that it is impossible to hide the fact that they have a positive effect on each other.

This will continue to flourish over the next few years, as the popularity of online casinos and video games both soar. But what trends should we expect to find in the future that defines the relationship?


The usage of mobile phones has opened up a whole new universe to the gaming and casino world; and one that both industries have flourished in. Mobile gaming is slowly becoming the norm, and while there will still be a market for console gaming; mobile gaming is making it easier and more accessible. Therefore reaching an audience that console gaming never could. The Pokemon Go revolution in 2016 saw everybody playing games on their mobile, and that continues to this day.

As of last year, there were 147 million people still actively playing the game two years after its release, while the game itself has generated over $3 billion in revenue worldwide. It has opened up a whole new dimension to the gaming world. Casinos have long had a grip on the mobile base, and the best casinos have apps which work smoother than the internet version on mobile. Apps have revolutionised how betting takes place, and make it more accessible than it has ever been before, and that will only continue with more casino moving to apps. One of the best casinos that is fully functional on mobile devices is


Virtual reality is expected to make massive waves in the casino industry, with players able to use the technology to get the feeling that they are genuinely in a casino. VR has been used to great effect already within the video game sector and is hugely popular among players. Sony latching onto the technology has been tremendously beneficial in its restoration after its fall from grace during the inception of the idea back in the 90s. That failure could simply be put down to the case that the idea was well ahead of its time, and the technology that was needed then wasn’t available.

However, it is now, and the results have shown that the interest is certainly there. The use of VR in online casinos will add a further dimension to the experience that players can have, and there is no doubt that it will be an overwhelming success.

Registration Process

One of the main advantages that has come with the breakthrough of cryptocurrencies in online casinos is that is has opened up a much simpler sign-up process. Trustly was the first company to establish this and allow players to play the games that they desire without having the hassle of signing up.

This is thought to have revolutionised the standard, and video games stores such as the Play Station Store will look to match this in the future and enable purchases to be simplified for their customers. It is thought that this would become more popular in online casinos also, but this could be a much longer trend to implement.

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