Top benefits of mobile gaming apps

It’s no news that mobile phone gaming is a multi-billion industry today. Excellent penetration of mobile phones throughout the world has ensured that game developers have access to a pretty healthy percentage of the world population these days.

In fact, majority of the video game development companies have departments entirely dedicated to mobile games. Additionally, as the primary demographic for these games are young adults and youth, they are more likely to own a mobile phone too. It’s not without a reason that companies like Rovio (creators of Angry Birds) are targeting a $1bn evaluation now!

On the whole, there are some specific advantages offered by mobile phone games that have made them very popular in the entertainment sector. Not only can you and your family download and play a large variety of mobile phone games these days, you can also use apps of reputed online casinos and bookmakers to punt on your favourite sports and games.

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Throw in some thirty-pound bonuses when you sign up and you have an app that provides all you could need and then some for a gaming app that offers the chance to win some money off of it.

Let’s now take you through some of the top benefits of using mobile gaming apps.


One of the major reasons why mobile phone gaming has consistently increased in popularity over the years is the convenience offered by it. All you need to do is download a game onto your mobile phone, and unless you’re playing in a live environment, you might not even require an Internet connection to play.

The app would run on the phone’s hard drive just like any software that runs on your laptop/desktop. So you can play these games anywhere, at any time.

Furthermore, as mobile phones are usually small enough to be carried in a pocket, you can play your favourite games at places where it’s normally impossible to play conventional games, for instance, in washroom, in car or just about anywhere! To tell you about the craze of such games among people, Daigo, a 31-year old gamer loves Sony’s Fate/Grand Order so much that he has spent upwards of $70,000 on in-app purchases so far!


Majority of these gaming apps are inexpensive, with their price ranging from a few dollars to around $ 20. It makes them much cheaper compared to the console games that are normally priced upwards of $ 50. This low price point enables mobile phone gamers to try out different types of games, which is difficult in case of regular video games.

The low price also makes mobile phone games accessible to many more people. While you require a PS3, Xbox or a computer to play conventional video games, mobile games don’t require any such separate hardware. Your phone doubles up as your console! Here’s a quick list of the most addictive mobile phone games over the past 20 years.

Boys on Mobiles

Creative options

The inexpensiveness of mobile phone games has another major advantage – variety. As mobile games can be produced much quickly and at lower prices than the conventional video games, developers don’t think much when it comes to trying out new ideas or concepts. After all, they don’t stand to lose much even if the experiment goes wrong! Resultantly, you’d find mobile phone games to be far more creative than the PC or console games.

This also enables tiny designer firms to compete with big gaming corporations, on the same field. Hence, the low production cost not just allows for variation in the games, you get to see far more diversity in the market too.

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