Top 5 Mobile Puzzle Games

The era of technology has brought about many new trends, but not all of them have managed to change people’s existing preferences. Mobile phones have also gone through several trend changes, but the latest additions in their functionality have definitely made them the No. 1 gadget.

This has allowed users to play mobile games with better graphics, storyline, additional options and even multiplayer modes (should the mobile screen allow it). Fans of such brainy challenges are bound to enjoy the following selection.

Cut the Rope

This is a whole franchise, a series of Cut the Rope mobile puzzle games. Each of the games is filled with numerous levels, and the main character – a cute little monster takes you from one to the other. The main goal of the game is to get the piece of candy to the monster on each of the levels, mainly by analyzing it and choosing which ropes to cut or balloons to break. While it may sound silly, things can get rather tricky, especially if you like finishing the level with all points and stars.


This mobile puzzle game isn’t like the regular type of action-driven, time-pressed storyline. Of course, there are various levels through which you should try to achieve the ultimate purpose – allow the prune to grow into the light. This is done by letting you shear it on any place considered necessary so that the tree can grow straight up, outside of captivity and under the light.


A catchy name for a catchy game is just what this puzzle needed in order to be as impressionable as possible. It basically provides you with framed cut-outs of a building’s exterior, fully designed to represent part of the whole picture. An added plus for music lovers, the game plays a smooth jazz tune in the background to help you concentrate on your puzzle.


For those willing to spend a few extra bucks in order to get the whole experience, this game is definitely worth every penny. It has five episodes that you would have to purchase individually to make the story whole. As for the actual storyline, you play a girl named Hope caught up in her attempts to get out of captivity. During the game’s course, you will need to pass surveillance cameras, lasers and sensors which make the experience extremely realistic.

The Room

Starting with a franchise, and ending with one, The Room has three sequels, each maintaining the model of object-searching gameplay. You are supposed to solve multiple small puzzles to find the hidden object and unlock it. Plus, the final version has multiple endings, so you don’t get bored as easily as with some other mobile puzzle games.

One thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years is people’s love for puzzles. This is how the old-fashioned, puzzle games slowly found their way to the latest software-developed mobile puzzle games. These games and puzzles can be played via numerous sites and it’s even possible to make it a bit more exiting by involving some cash.

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