Top 5 Games from Virgin Games

Virgin Games is a leading online gambling service provider. Basically, it is similar to online casinos. It is part of the Virgin group and was founded by the Virgin enterprise of Sir Richard Branson back in 2003. It’s a leading UK-based online gambling establishment that features a vast collection of diversified games of online gambling.

In this pandemic of Covid-19, online based games have reached its peak. So does online gambling. Offline casinos are unable to provide gambling service because of the health and social distance concerns. That is why gamblers are getting busy online. So, if you’re a gambler and interested in online gambling, you should definitely check out Virgin Games and Virgin Games sister sites as well.

Virgin games provide great real money gambling service with its games. Because of such a vast collection, it is easy to be distracted and try the low end ones. That is why here is a list of the top 5 games you can try at Virgin games.

3D Roulette Splendid

Everything you love about Roulette combined with stunning 3D graphics delivers you a real life experience of the traditional Roulette games you played in the casinos.
It features a huge range of diversified bets. You can bet at single numbers or you can bet at the colors of money. Each bet will pay you 35 if won. You place several different wages at the same time via the French and Neighbor bets.

Roulette Streets

One of them must play casino games in Virgin games that give you more chances to win. The rule is simple. Light up the streets on the table and win. You can get a pay-out of 500/1 for lighting up 12 streets. Alongside they have the classical roulette, La Partage.

Atlantic City Blackjack

One of the most favorites of gamblers, Atlantic City Blackjack offers gamblers three choices different from other blackjack games.

Gamblers can split their hand up to three times. They can split any two cards of their procession and double down on any other two cards. The cards must have matching numbers. There is an option available for surrendering if your dealt is not sufficient enough for beating the dealer.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Want to experience the thrill and excitement of Sin City? Then play the Vegas Strip Blackjack in Virgin Games featuring the stunning casino experience of Vegas with multiple splitting and double down on any two matching cards. It is just like traditional blackjack but with more exciting visuals of Sin city and the custom offers of Atlantic City Blackjack. Do not miss this fun, Register and participate now to get some lucrative bonus offered by Virgin Games.

Secrets of the Phoenix

Experience the fun of spinning the slotting machine of Secret of the Phoenix. It features a 25 line slotting machine of stones and relics. Match them in a certain combination to win exciting rewards. Scoring four or more consecutive wins will release the phoenix and you will get a chance to spin the Free Spin Bonus Round.
Play now to uncover the secret of the phoenix.


So, these were the top 5 games to play in Virgin Games. The list might differ from others’ perspectives because there is a vast collection of casino games in Virgin games. Play now to feel the excitement and discover your own personal favourite games in Virgin Games.

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