Tips For UK Online Slots 2020

Playing video slots in the UK is on the rise and even though this type of gaming has been around since 1976 they are still enjoyed by millions around the world. The popularity growth can be accounted for by new technology such as smartphones which have enabled players to access their favorite slot game at any time. In this article, I will talk about different tips you can use to increase your chances of winning in 2020.

Choose Your Slots Game Wisely

There are many great slots games online that make choosing the one with the best chance of winning very difficult. My personal favorite is gonzos Quest so if you have not checked it out yet, make sure to read this full in-depth Gonzos Slots review. One thing to keep in mind is that the highest payouts are generally offered by higher denomination games. Many high rollers love playing simple 3 reel slots as these have the highest available payback percentage.

Use Decentralized Blockchain RNG Slots

The first tip for improving your chances of winning when playing slots in the UK in 2020 is to use new blockchain-based platforms that offer genuine provably fair results. These platforms are decentralized which means no tampers of the slots spins results can be performed and all the info of each spin is publicly recorded. By providing public records of each bet it means that checks and balances by anyone can take place to make sure the odds are paying out the correct amounts.

Traditional casino slots use a centralized server that produces the results. This information is not publically available and while the best casinos will provide an audited certificate on their site, many others do not so it means that the results are open to tampering. With no third party involvement in any of the processes due to the use of smart contracts, technology means that punters are guaranteed their winnings which is why you should consider the switch.

Do Not Play Progressive Slot Jackpot Games

With progressive jackpots amounts reaching millions in pounds it is no surprise why these types of titles are so popular. The problem is that a percentage of each wager is taken to be added to the pot which creates mega jackpot so the payout rates have to be lower to accommodate this. It means that you are relying on the type of luck you would require to win the lottery and have less of a chance of winning.

Final Thoughts

If you do play UK slots online you must manage your bankroll correctly as it’s easy to get out of control, especially if you are playing slot machines with high stake spins. One of the best tips is to divide your bankroll up into time allocations and only spend the amount that is set. On average players can place 250 bets per hour so use that formula to work out the cost for placing that amount of bets at the wagering total set and stay within these means.

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