The Top 5 Ball-Based Video Games

Ball-based sports make up some of the most popular pastimes in the world. From soccer to roller ball, many are amongst the most watched spectator events on the planet with viewers attracted to the competitive element of these games that have stood the test of time. So it comes as no surprise that a number of great video games have been released off the back of this popularity. If you’re new to this phenomenon, or just want to revisit the classics, we’ve taken the time to select some of the best ball-based video games ever released.


The football video game franchise FIFA has enjoyed numerous successes during its long running series of releases. But one version of the world’s most popular soccer game sticks firmly in the memory and it arrived back in 2013. FIFA 14 was the launch title that became part of the promotional campaign for the next generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game included advanced artificial intelligence which meant that the players in the game were able to act and react more like humans which revolutionised the entire franchise. With over 1.3 million copies sold during the first 48 hours of release, it remains one of the quickest selling XBOX or Playstation games of all time and the most recent version, FIFA 16, is due out later this month, hoping to emulate the success of its predecessor.


If you’re a sports fan and you just so happen to love physics then it must be kismet because Psyonix’s popular soccer title will be right up your street. One of the most popular online sporting games, driving and soccer are coupled together to make an enthralling, if not a little bit eccentric, virtual world. The most interesting and entertaining aspect of the game is trying to work out how best to control your vehicle in order to help navigate the oversized ball into your opponents goal. It’s brilliantly responsive and unsurprisingly addictive.


Arcade platformer Super Monkey Ball first reared its head way back in 2001 and since then it has spawned dozens of different console-based versions and spin-offs. The game has the frustrating feel of the classic ball rolling experience Marble Madness from 1984 but in this version you move the environment to keep the ball afloat as opposed to directing the ball itself.



The 3D puzzle game Kula World is another old ball-based gaming experience that first appeared on the original PlayStation console in 1998. You take charge of a rolling Kula beach ball taking around various obstacles and levels in order to collect jewels and coins and find the level exits around you. It’s another fine example of where physics will most definitely help get you to where you need to be and the HD graphics are excellent.


Bingo halls may have been struggling in recent years but owing to online and mobile gaming there has been a significant resurgence in the UK’s favourite number-based game. Playing bingo is now easier and more convenient than ever before and there are a plethora of titles available on the App store including, most famously, BINGO! And Bingo Run.

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