The Small Investor has Options too

Indiegogo is a global crowdfunding platform that aims to empower people around the world to fund different projects that they are personally interested in, and since Indiegogo launched Equity Crowdfunding many small scale investors have enjoyed a stake in the companies they back.

Indiegogo works in collaboration with investment bank MicroVentures that handle transactions through its own platform, although the investment opportunities are open on both of the sites.

This is not the first platform to offer this sort of take on the investment process but Indiegogo is still one of the better known names with individual investments beginning at £100 and open to anyone 18 and over.

Today there are many people who have some spare cash and are looking for ways to increase that amount. Crowdfunding is one option as is binary options which is choosing the outcome of a business in the stock market over a period of time as short as a minute or less.

These ways of investing with many others in a business or on your own as in binary options can be both exciting and worthwhile, although there is quite a high-risk of everything going pear-shaped, so you must remember to always and only invest into any practice what you can afford and know when to stop.

Another method of using some spare cash that you have in order to try to make some more out of it is by playing on one of the quality online casinos on offer nowadays like those phone casinos where you can play at anytime or in any place whilst you are on the go through your mobile device.

The beauty of playing on the phone casinos via your smartphone for example is tenfold. You are able to choose when and where to play, you can also use your existing password and payment methods that you use on your computer or laptop, and once more you can enjoy some exclusive bonuses and promotional offers especially put there for mobile users.

This does not mean that you cannot take advantage of any other casino promotional offer that your site has on-going and with Christmas just around the corner many prizes will be themed about the season of goodwill.

More and more people expect to be able to source exactly what they want through their mobile phones and that includes enjoying all the action of Vegas via their mobiles, in fact more browsing takes place by those using a mobile device rather than using a desk or laptop and this mobile usage does not appear to be slowing down. At present there is over 70% of people using their mobile phones to browse, source services and goods and pay for them using their smartphones, and now you can even pay for your games using your phone bill as whatever you stake can be added to your next bill from your service provider.

Mobile use has never been so diverse and personal, we can make our devices totally individual to ourselves and that trend is not about to stop.

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