The Rise in Popularity of Mobile Slots, MMOs, and RPGs: What Ties Them Together?

In recent years, the success of mobile gaming has helped to redefine the very nature of the broader gaming landscape. Sure, console and PC games are still popular, but gamers are changing their habits and are starting to enjoy mobile gaming more and more. The appeal for this sort of game is clear: gamers are demanding access to fast-paced, quick-play games that place little demand on time or environment. These games can be played for five minutes or 50 minutes without the gaming experience suffering either way. They require little of the investment, both monetary and time-wise, that their PC and console equivalents can demand.

Slotting in Nicely in the Modern Age

When you think of gambling nowadays, you think of online gambling. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the UK Gambling Commission has identified online gambling as the largest sector in UK gambling today, and one of the driving forces behind this growth has been the sheer scale and popularity of online slot games.

As mobile games like slots are easy to play, offer low odds but high payouts when you hit the jackpot, and often come loaded with welcome bonuses and adorned with familiar themes like Batman, the appeal is clear to see. Perhaps the only aspect of mobile gaming that online slot games fail to fully embrace is the social element, which has been a primary driver in the success of MMO and RPG games.

A Social, Mobile World

While the headline-grabbers in the world of MMO (massively multiplayer online games) have been titles like Clash of Clans or Vikings: War of Clans, the reality is that MMO games don’t always just come down to fighting wars with other players. There are games to suit all tastes and preferences, and this has created mass appeal.

As far afield as China, the MMO world is making a fortune, and games like Vikings: War of Clans are actually hugely popular in Russia, proving that this mobile gaming revolution is truly a global affair, a juggernaut that shows no sign of applying the brakes. With the chance to work with or battle others around the world and engage in gloating or in constructive conversation, you can see that the social aspect of MMOs is a huge part of their popularity (popularity that has been achieved despite the fact that the graphics they use can be basic).

Playing a Role During Your Break

While of course MMO games appeal to those who enjoy a social game, the world of role-playing games (RPGs) is a gaming sphere that again capitalises upon the desire of gamers to escape while they are on the go. Games like Rogue Wizards capitalise upon this concept and marry the combination of social and quick play, a combination that is likely to continue to fuel the growth of mobile gaming.

Perhaps the next huge boost for this kind of gaming will be the use of virtual reality technology, which is already available for mobile and tablet devices and would help to allow gamers to achieve a far more immersive gaming experience.

Of course, for this to happen, technology needs to improve so as not to be quite as intrusive as it is now, but do you think this is going to happen anytime soon or will it just be a fad? Either way, let us know by commenting below!

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