The Impact Online Gambling is Having on Employment Around the World

There are times when the gambling industry at general seems to be at war with itself. As the online gambling industry continues its unfettered expansion across the world, the land-based casino industry is seeing an impact on its profits. Before anyone gets too concerned, it’s noteworthy that most of the major online gambling sites have an affiliation with larger worldwide gambling conglomerates. It’s simply a matter of taking money out of the left pocket and putting into the right pocket. In cases where “off-brand” land-based casinos are being negatively impacted, it’s simply a matter of adjusting to the times.

An astute look at the gambling industry employment issue in the UK and other parts of the world demands one considers that while employees in land-based casinos and bet shops might be taking it on the chin, the number of employment opportunities in the online gambling industry is simply exploding. When marketing personnel are developing campaigns to push the UK best casino bonuses, there’s people developing those bonus profiles, creating the marketing material and making sure it reaches the masses. It takes bodies to do that much work.

The Impact in the UK

At several points during the past year, UK’s bet shops have seen thousands of employees get their “pink slips.” While the loss of jobs is never a good thing, there are now experienced bet takers and administrators hitting the unemployment line. There should be something on their resume that screams “I have the skills needed to work with an online gambling operator.”

Perhaps, the best approach to the issue is to look at the UK gambling industry as a whole. As an industry, the number of available employment opportunities is expanding at a rate that rivals almost any other established industry anywhere else in the world. Remember, online gambling in the UK has been around for well over 20 years. It’s just now hitting its stride with double digit percentage year-over-year growth over the last 10 years. Better yet, changing attitudes about online gambling throughout Europe, North America and Asia assure that trend is going to continue into the foreseeable future. It’s no small consideration that the expansion of online gambling in the US is creating employment opportunities for people in the UK.

The Focus of Employment Opportunities

It should come as no surprise that most of the new employment opportunities in the online gambling industry are being directed at people with IT and software development skills. There’s great demand for system security experts and graphic designers who are needed to create the wonderful new online casino games that seem to be hitting the internet every day.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t important roles for people with marketing and administrative skills. The online gambling industry is one of the most competitive industries on the internet. Marketing is a huge deal for any operator that expects to successfully compete, and someone has to create campaigns. When gamblers do show up, customer service reps have to be there to answer questions.

The bottom line is the online gambling industry is providing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities that were not there five years ago.

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