The Humble Weekly Sale: Rhythm

Have you got Rhythm? You’ll be able to find out with this new weekly Humble Bundle, featuring six Rhythm based games. There’s some really fun and addictive titles in this bundle, that will make many an hour seem like it was only a minute.

This week, pay what you want for musical shoot-’em-up, Symphony, the RPG/rhythm hybrid, Sequence, and arcade-style rhythm platformer, BIT.TRIP RUNNER! Pay $6 or more and you’ll also receive music-adapting puzzle racer, Audiosurf, the musical blaster, Beat Hazard Ultra, and the side-scrolling musical shooter, Retro/Grade.

Humble Weekly Rhythm

This is great value for money. Unless you have no Rhythm. And are boring.

These games would normally cost you nearly $50, and I recommend you at least grab the base package as this is great value for money.

You choose where your money goes: between the developers and/or two good causes, Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation. Play games and feel good about it at the same time, what’s not to like?

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