The Humble Indie Bundle Six available now

A new humble indie bundle is available for purchase. As for any of the numbered Humble Bundles, the games in it are rather good:

Torchlight by Runic Games

Vessel by Strange Loop Games

Space Pirates and Zombies (or S.P.A.Z) by Minmax Games

Shatter by Sidhe

Rorchard by Recoil Games

Dustforce by Hitbox Team

My personal favorites of the bunch are Dustforce and Torchlight

If you haven’t heard of the Humble Indie Bundle, here’s a crash course: You pay what you want, meaning you can pay one cent, or a million dollars. You choose how you want to split your payment between the developers, Childsplay (Penny Arcade’s charity that gives sick children game systems to make their lives just a bit better), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (group of lawyers that is dedicated to keeping the internet open), or the organizers of the Humble Indie Bundle. No matter how much you pay you’ll get the games listed. However, and I highly recommend this for many reasons, if you pay above the average you get additional games. It’s been a running pattern that if you pay above the average games from previous bundles get added in.


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