The Gaming Experiences that we really want to see on the Microsoft HoloLens

If there is one innovation that has taken the virtual and augmented reality markets by storm in 2015, it is the creation of Microsoft’s much-vaunted HoloLens. A sensory device that uses touch and holograms to create virtual representations of the world around us, it is a truly astounding and accomplished piece of hardware that can lead a burgeoning and exciting market. There are a vast number of potential applications for the HoloLens, and experts have barely scratched the surface in terms of what this hardware may ultimately be capable of.

For now, however, it is as an augmented reality gaming accessory that the HoloLens must earn its reputation. With this in mind, here are three experiences that we would love to see replicated with this device.


Play a Three Dimension Variation of Minecraft

This simple, innovative and captivating game has helped to drive the renaissance of PC gaming in the UK, while also earning respect as an educational resource for youngsters. How we would love to see this game played out through the HoloLens, as players could use touch, sight and sounds to physically create structures and worlds in their own living room. This is one of the most talked about and hotly anticipated applications for the hardware, as it would add considerable depth to an already immersive experience and extend the lifespan of the game accordingly.

Roulette Hololens

Play Roulette and other Casino Games in a Virtual Casino

Gamblers have become accustomed to the fact that they can now play roulette and similar casino games online, and the virtual platform has made great strides to recreate an authentic and live gaming experience. While developers have been able to enhance gaming graphics and accurately replicate the pace of roulette and similar games, however, the use of augmented reality would take this to an entirely elevated level. When playing roulette through the HoloLens, for example, players would be able to see the whole table, chips and the spinning wheel in a 3-D setting that envelope the space around them. This is something that we cannot wait to see, and hopefully this will be developed within the next year.


Recreate Monopoly and Similar Board Games

Disney recently released a new innovation called Playmation, which aimed to combine classic outdoor play with modern technology. More technology, children could explore their imagination in an outdoor setting while wearing wearable technology, which in turn immersed them in a world of their favourite superheroes and Marvel characters. This evokes the idea of reinventing classic gaming patterns and behaviour for the modern age, so what if the HoloLens could do the same by hosting three dimensional interpretations of traditional board games? We would love to see the Monopoly board through the HoloLens, and this could trigger a renaissance of retro gaming platforms.

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