The Gaming Capitals of the World: Where You Should Visit in 2019

Gaming in 2018 is so intertwined with everything. The landmark ruling to legalise sports betting and online gambling in the US has only increased that and 2019 is going to be another record breaking year for the industry.

The global market is expected to hit a whopping $635 billion by 2022 across both online and land-based, but where in the world will be raking it in the most?

We take a look at the gaming capitals every cards, betting or general thrill seekers should visit next year.

Las Vegas

The bright lights of Las Vegas have always been a real hub of the gaming industry whether you’re wanting to hit the tables or settle down for a big fight at the MGM Grand.

It’s the capital of gambling where you can play an array of casino games like roulette, blackjack, and slots. It’s also the capital of boxing, and some of the biggest fights of all time have taken place in Vegas and they still do to this day.

For most of us we have to watch a boxing live stream on a betting platforms like Bet365 and William Hill, with Sin City fights regularly beamed across the world, sending bookmakers and punters alike crazy.

Of course, it isn’t just boxing, bettors are able to stream a range of sports on betting apps including Basketball, Football and of course Soccer.

Vegas has also become home to UFC’s biggest fights and even more sport has landed in the city in the form of ice hockey team the Golden Knights.

On the casino floor, Vegas becomes one of the most exciting places on earth. For high rollers and nickel players alike, it’s a gaming heaven. The neon lights will never fail to dazzle.


Nicknamed the Vegas of the East, Macau has been ‘complimenting’ its rich Portuguese history with huge casinos that match Nevada every step of the way.

With the likes of the Venetian, Wynn and MGM all located in the province, its a real hub for the glitz and glam of gaming. Gambling first started to hit the shores of Macau back in the 1960s and the tourism industry alongside it began to boom, now making up for over 50% of the region’s GDP.

If it’s something different you want, this is it. It continues to grow and has even welcomed big fight nights of its own, including UFC events and Manny Pacquiao fights.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City, New Jersey has been seen somewhat as a dying town in recent years. Fewer people were treading the boardwalks, but the introduction of sports betting and online gaming, it’s seen a resurgence.

Revenue was up in November and it’s slowly returning to former glories. Which makes it the ideal time to visit next year.

The AC continues to have some of the biggest casinos on the East Coast including the likes of Bally’s, Harrah’s and Caesars, as well as all the usual seaside attractions such as theme parks and the famous residencies some of the world’s biggest musicians and comedians take up.

You get the feeling 2019 might be Atlantic City’s year, so why not ditch Vegas and experience the boardwalk, just a few hours drive from New York.

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