The Dark Eye – Demonicon: First artwork unveiled

On the 27th of May Kalypso Media unveiled the first artwork for  The Dark Eye – Demonicon. In the art work we are given the first look at Heshtot, AKA The Grim Reaper. Players will encounter Heshtot in game when it releases in 2012.

Heshtot, aka the Grim Reaper

Heshthot is a shadowy footman of Blakharaz, arch-demon of revenge. In DEMONICON, the hooded one is armed with two blades instead of a sword and whip, yet one of the many surprises you must prepare yourself for when fighting with the demonic horrors from the Sphere of horrors.


The Dark Eye – DEMONICON is currently in development from Kalypso’s Noumena Studios in Berlin for Windows PC and Next-Generation Consoles.

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