The Dark Eye – DEMONICON Announced

Kalypso Media and Chromatrix GmbH have signed a license agreement granting the video games publisher the use of The Dark Eye brand for their upcoming action role playing game DEMONICON. The game, scheduled for release in 2012, will be developed using the official rules of Europe’s biggest roleplaying world and will now be titled The Dark Eye – DEMONICON.

“By integrating the official The Dark Eye rules, DEMONICON becomes the must have title in the hearts and minds for the fans of The Dark Eye world and creates a new and exciting brand for fans of action role playing games to experience” Says Simon Hellwig, Global Managing Director, Kalypso Media Group.

Dr. Stefan Blanck, Managing Director Chromatrix GmbH added: “We’re very happy to be working with an experienced global publisher and developer such as Kalypso Media. Through the official The Dark Eye license and its fantastic game world The Dark Eye – DEMONICON will become without any doubt one of the video game highlights of 2012.”

The Dark Eye – DEMONICON is currently under development by Noumena Studios, a Kalypso owned development studio in Berlin for Windows PC and next generation consoles and is scheduled for a release in 2012.

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