Team Fortress 2 goes free to play

Earlier last week Valve released what was said to be “The most ambitious update in the history of Team Fortress 2″ and what was the most daring fact of this update? They made TF2 Free to play. Yes you are reading right, your eyes are not actually lying to you.

Valve has stressed that nothing will be taken out of the free to play experience, in fact Valve have been toying with this idea since the Mann-Conomy update says Robin Walker of Valve Software. The game will now get its revenue from in game transactions alone, buying hats, weapons and trinkets for your favourite class will now help keep Team Fortress 2 Alive. “There will be no subscription fees, nor are we Taking features away” Walker states.

This will benefit Valve as it exposes more and more people and potential developers to the steam platform and the steam wallet. Also the game will have an even bigger fan base, and more potential for even more servers.

Free to play accounts are a bit limited, but nothing that will impact game play the table below shows the differences between free to play and “premium”:

Valve also released Meet the Medic, after a 2 year break from the last meet the team video. Video below :)

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