Sword of the Stars II Opening Cinematic

Last week at the world’s largest gaming expo, Kerberos Productions and Paradox Interactive gave gamers a sneak peak of the opening cinematics for Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter.

The video gives you your first look at the Lords of Winter themselves in action – the ancient Suul’ka have returned to their lost empire and are seeking to regain the power they once had, avenging themselves on their traitorous “children”

Now released to the rest of the world, Sword of the Stars II Opening Cinematic can be viewed here:

The almost four minute trailer sets the scene for a new empire building game where you, as one of the younger races, must always be on guard against the return of this dangerous and vengeful enemy. In-engine combat scenes demonstrate the power of an angry Suul’ka Lord as well as the beauty of Kerberos’s new MARS2 engine.

Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter will be available this fall.

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