Steel Armor New Gameplay Trailer

UIG Entertainment, a leading German game distributor, have released a brand new gameplay trailer for Steel Armor: Blaze of War, a realistic tank simulator with tactical elements, set to release for the PC in the UK on 20th January 2012.

Containing the legendary Soviet T-62 and American M60A1 tanks for players to command, Steel Armor: Blaze of War features two distinctive gameplay components; the Operational – allowing the gamer to choose the battlefield area, replenish their army and repair their vehicles, and the Tactical – putting players in to the heart of the action from a first-person perspective, either driving the tank from the driver’s seat, shooting from the gunner’s seat, as well as commanding their tank crew and entire unit from the commander’s seat.

A brand new gameplay trailer can be viewed here:

About Steel Armor: Blaze of War

Covering three of the biggest conflicts of the latter half of the 20th Century, players take control of either the Soviet, Iranian, Iraqi or Angolan armies during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iran/Iraq war and the Angolan civil war.

Developed by Ukrainian developer Graviteam, Steel Armor: Blaze of War will feature an unprecedented level of realism and authenticity based on the studio’s experience of creating tactical simulation software for the Ukrainian army.

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