Social Game The Smurfs & Co Breaks Record

Ubisoft is proud to share that its recently launched social game The Smurfs™& Co, based on the world renowned comic book brand, is the fastest growing game on Facebook for the past two weeks. Developed by Ubisoft’s Chengdu studio, the game has reached more than 3,902,785 monthly active users since it launched on July 29, 2011.

The Smurfs & Co is currently the no. 1 license-based social game in the world, according to AppData. The game had a multilingual global launch on Facebook in six different languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and traditional Chinese. Following in the footsteps of Ubisoft’s Castle & Co, The Smurfs & Co will be launching on Mixi, the biggest social network in Japan, in early September with the Japanese release of The Smurfs movie.

“Ubisoft is incredibly pleased with how popular The Smurfs & Co game has been among players,” said Chris Early, vice president of digital publishing, Ubisoft. “Ubisoft has become a global gaming partner for The Smurfs brand by offering consumers a range of fun Smurfs games to play including the entertaining The Smurfs & Co Facebook game, The Smurfs™ Dance Party on Wii, and The Smurfs™ on DS.”

About the Smurfs & Co

The Smurfs& Co. is a social network game allowing anyone, anywhere, to play as a Smurf in the quest to build wondrous towns and uncover special ingredients that Papa Smurf needs to create a magic potion to erase Gargamel’s memory. As the town’s most promising Smurf, players must guide their town to become a thriving, happy place, by clearing the land of weeds and rocks, gathering resources, completing quests, visiting friends, and attracting other Smurf friends in a quest to locate the ingredients for Papa Smurf.

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