SLX Games and Skygoblin merge to focus on point-and-click adventure

Sweden based independent game developer SLX Games now proudly announces that it is merging with it’s sister company, Skygoblin, and changing focus while doing so.

SLX Games is a Gothenburg-based independent developer and publisher who’s flagship title up until now has been the on-line social game “Nord“, which will now continue being developed under the flag of Skygoblin.

Skygoblin was originally founded by SLX Games 2006 for the purpose of creating small non-commercial games and has made a name as the team behind the production of the point-and-click adventure game The Journey Down. Following last year’s prototype release of The Journey Down, it was decided to merge the two companies and to house the production of the commercial high-res release of the game under the same roof. Merging SLX Games with Skygoblin marks a milestone and a shift of focus beyond social games for the company as a whole.

“Merging our two companies not only simplifies our lives by cropping away bureaucracy, it also gives us a nice fresh start on our next gigantic project, The Journey Down.”

Theodor Waern – co founder of Skygoblin

The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click adventure game divided in four chapters. A low-res prototype version of the first chapter is available for free download on, where you also can follow the development of the first chapter on the dev-blog. The first chapter of The Journey Down is scheduled for a Q4 2011 release and will feature a fully voiced cast, hand drawn high-res art and a vast amount of characters and locations likely to tingle any point-and-clicker’s interest!

The Journey Down The Journey Down

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