Basics to know before spinning the reels at any online casino

Anyone who plays casino games would know how entertaining it can be to indulge in a few spins at an online or land-based slot game.

In case you’re just getting acquainted with the online slots and have no idea about pay lines, wilds, scatter symbols etc. we’d love to familiarise you with some of the online slots basics to quickly bring you up to speed. Alternatively, you could also try your hand at these most popular casino games in the world.

Furthermore, please be aware that the best way to profit consistently from online slots and other popular online casino games is by ensuring that you play only at a reputed online casino such as BGO and others.

Who knows you might be able to replicate a win like this one on a progressive jackpot, at an online casino!

On to the basics now!


The basic premise of every slot machine is to spin its reels and land yourself a winning combination (on those reels). These reels are nothing but multiple wheels that make up a slot machine, with each one having many symbols on it. When all these reels spin and come to a halt, the combination of final symbols on them determine the outcome of the slot spin. Online slots can have some pretty amazing things going on with the reels, for instance, exploding reels, cascading reels, tumbling reels etc.


Paylines are winning symbol combinations on multiple reels which can win you handsome pay outs. Unlike the land-based slot machines, online slots can have anywhere from 15 to 100+ pay lines. Things can be mixed up even further in the online version as pay lines no longer need to be in straight lines anymore. Modern day online slots can have a fair mix of zigzag, diagonal, vertical and horizontal pay lines!

Base game and bonus game

Base game can be referred to as the main online slot game, characterising the overall feel and style of the game. Bonus game on the other hand is one of the special feature rounds of online slots, added with the purpose of making online slots even more exciting, and boosting your chances of winning.

Progressive Jackpot

Online slots that have a progressive jackpot associated with them essentially add a certain percentage of bet amount to the jackpot fund, every time you spin the reels. This jackpot keeps getting bigger until some lucky player lands the ultimate prize! We are talking about life-changing sums here, for instance, as in case of this UK player who won £ 13.2 million from a 25p bet!

Casino Lobby (Slots)


Derived from the term wild card, wild symbols work on the same principle in online slots as well. Whenever you land a wild symbol on a reel, it replaces all other symbols to help you make a winning combination. The only symbol that a wild can’t replace is the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbol

Scatters are every online slot player’s best friend! Not only can they do amazing things when they appear on the pay lines, they can pop up anywhere on the screen and unlock amazing bonus features and wins. Please note, the benefits from scatter symbols may vary from one slot title to the other, hence ensure that you read the rules carefully before playing.

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