Ship Simulator Extremes: Ferry Pack Announced

Paradox Interactive and VSTEP have announced the upcoming Ship Simulator Extremes: Ferry Pack DLC. In this latest DLC pack, captains will command five different ferries in a new campaign featuring 10 new missions. New challenges will test the most experienced of captains in the world’s most popular ferry routes. New, ferry specific gameplay is waiting ahead. Prepare yourself now.

- 5 new Ferry types (Fast, Channel, River, etc.) available in Campaign, Free Roam and Multiplayer mode.
- Ferry specific gameplay: Ferry ramp & door opening for loading/unloading, Directional switch for two-ender ferries, etc.
- New Ferry campaign featuring 10 missions all over the world.
- Ferry mission functionality added to the Mission Editor, allowing for creation and sharing of Ferry specific missions.
Set to release March 8th, 2011, the Ferry Pack DLC will be available on all leading digital distribution platforms. The latest expansion for the Ship Simulator Extremes series will be available for $14.99 / €14.99.

About Ship Simulator Extremes
VSTEP is proud to announce Ship Simulator Extremes, the next game in the acclaimed Ship Simulator series. With over 550K copies sold, the series returns with a new game that pushes the boundaries of simulation gaming. Featuring stunning visuals, accurate vessel behavior, famous locations and ports all over the world and missions based on actual events, this is one simulator game that you cannot afford to miss. Ship Simulator Extremes is available for digital download on all leading digital distribution platforms, in European retail stores and through the Paradox web shop.

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  • Evil Tactician

    Ship Simulator Extremes gets even more Extreme.

    Honestly, I can see why this would attract enthusiasts, but if you don’t have an absolute passion for ferries this probably isn’t for you.