Shattered Crystal Eve Online Competition

I have always been a follower of Shattered Crystal and have been using them since the days of Ultima Online.

Today I got an email about a competition they are doing. Eve Online Sweepstakes, Shattered Crystal are giving free entry to a competition for a whole years subscription to Eve Online. If you buy a 60 day Eve Online gametime code from them you get entered into the sweepstakes again. So what are you waiting for? Get your free entry and stock up on gametime for more chances to win!

ShatteredCrystal is giving away 1 Year Of Free Play For EVE Online!
The person that has the winning entry will contacted via email by May 7th 2011. will send 6 – 60 day EVE time codes that can be applied for 1 year of subscription or turned into ISK to one lucky person with the winning entry.Get your free entry by adding this FREE ITEM to your Cart and continue to checkout.

Each code purchased through our store will also equal an entry.

So head over to and enter the sweepstakes now!

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