Seven Spooky Slot Games for Halloween

Halloween is coming, and that means all of the usual trimmings that we have come to associate with this time of year. Hollowed out pumpkins, trick or treating, and costume parties have all become the norm, making this one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year – if you like that sort of thing!

The slot gaming industry is never slow to react to a trend, and with that in mind they are all in on the concept of Halloween. There are literally hundreds of spooky slots out there, but we have narrowed it down to seven of the spine-chillingest slot games around. Here’s our tips for the best horror-based slots, where if you are lucky you might just score yourself a shockingly good win this Halloween!

Bloodsuckers 1 & 2

Among the impressive and varied selection of Lottoland’s games, you will find the classic vampire-themed Bloodsuckers game, along with its updated sequel. The modern version of this game features updated animations and graphics, although the basic game remains much the same. However, for many people the original will always be the best, not least because it has one of the lowest house edges of any online slot game around.

Esqueleto Explosivo


Mexico is famed for its ‘Day of the Dead’, and this slot game delivers a great blend of horror and comedy with a Mexican twist. The reels are made up of different coloured skulls, which burst into song (accompanied by a mariachi band, naturally) when a winning line is completed. Skulls which form winning lines ‘pop’ off into the ether, to be replaced by more skulls and hopefully more wins.

Halloween (Microgaming)

As you may expect, there are various games out there bearing the name ‘Halloween’. The one we recommend is the Microgaming version from 2017, based on the classic 70s movie of the same name. That means all the characters from the original flick, along with some fearsome bonus features to keep your pulse racing.

Halloween Fortune I & II

Another Halloween-themed game, and these are two of the best. The Halloween Fortune games introduce us to a trio of seductive sorceresses in these bewitching slots from Playtech. The bonus game is the star of this game, as your chosen witch creates a potion which can improve your chances of a magical win.

Immortal Romance

This game definitely borrows from movies like ‘Twilight’ to create a Gothic romance story with some vampiric influences. As you advance in the game you learn more about the characters and the story, which lends an immersive quality to the game, drawing you in to its tangled web.

Lost Vegas

What would happen if the zombie apocalypse hit Sin City? Well, according to this slot game it would result in a lot of zombified Elvis impersonators and cabaret dancers wandering around the desert. You can choose to play as either zombies or survivors, with different images on the reel depending on which group you join. Either way, it’s a whole lot of brain-eating fun!

Wicked Circus

Scary clowns are in vogue right about now, and in this Wicked Circus a particularly evil looking clown is the star of the show. The action takes place in front of a menacingly gloomy stage, and the joker randomly bursts onto the reels with a maniacal grin. Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) sufferers should probably steer clear of this one.

With those seven spooky slots to hand, you will be able to enjoy some seasonal spinning on the best Halloween slot games around.

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