Sandswept Studios Patch DETOUR

Sandswept Studios have released a large update this past Friday, bringing DETOUR to version 1.1. This should fix a TON of issues players have been having, with lots more on the way.

DETOUR v1.1 Patch Notes

- Trucks no longer act strangely in multiplayer games. This is a very large fix and should smooth over the entire multiplayer experience.
- Random/Rare crashes some users were experiencing should no longer happen.
- Numpad keys should now work in text chat.
- Choose Team button now shows up properly in lobby when host has selected a team gametype.
- Sound should no longer default to 0, and sound preferences should maintain properly.
- Truck bubble cooldown increased from 18 seconds to 30 seconds.
- Nail cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 26 seconds.
- Holding backspace key now properly deletes characters in text chat.
- Rare error where player would be in the wrong factory on a Singleplayer Challenge.
- Graphics option added for “Use Hardware Mouse”, for players experiencing sluggish mouse cursor movement in the menus and game.
- Forest now has the proper item description in map editor.
- Player is now returned to Challenges menu after a challenge is completed.
- Certain challenge descriptions no longer pour over the edges of the menu.
- Lots of fixes involving different resolutions. This includes the hovering ‘tell-tales’ above trucks (pulled over, popped tire, EMP icons) now show up properly over the truck they are marking.
- Pressing T and Y in game no longer clears announcements and text chat already on screen.

They’re hard at work right now on DETOUR version 1.2, bringing Steam achievements and unlockable truck themes, along with lots more bug, interface, and general gameplay updates.

The price of DETOUR is $10, and gamers can pick it up (in single and 4-pack variety) from

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