Comments on: Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Review Independent PC Game Reviews & Guides Wed, 11 Jul 2018 21:49:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Kasfunatu Thu, 01 Sep 2011 20:23:55 +0000 Wow, I am surprised it scored as highly as that!!!

The version of the game last year definitely had its faults, but I did feel some kind of ridiculous need to complete the decks… Yes, if i were to equate my time to unlock vs the 70p it would have taken: it was a pointless task; yet somehow it kept me coming back to attempt it.

The decks were interesting enough, and yes it was (and still is) a shame that there is no actual customisation… I guess that’s what MTGO or real cards are for! But this year’s version does not even have interesting decks.

Let me clarify, they have interesting cards…. But, the decks seem to be completely broken, and so they don’t make a good game; they rely on “did I get the one card I needed out”… if I do… I win… Yay! Go me! There were, admittedly a couple of instances of this last year, but this year it appears to be every deck!! Frankly it made games boring.

That said, I played through the first campaign, I unlocked many cards, but did find it futile once I realised how easy it was if that uber-card came out.

Then I got the to second campaign; which was just utterly preposterous, and not even fun. Judging by your review you did not get to the second campaign as otherwise you would have surely mentioned the nature of the game that is just not entertaining, utterly ridiculous and stopped me even bothering to try.

Frankly give me my buggy game from a couple of years ago! Or better yet: the single player game from about 10 years ago! Yes that had awful graphics, but a deck builder (from 4th generation cards), you could unlock cards by fighting random wandering creatures around a map (yes there was a map) and better cards from raiding dungeons, and the best cards from castles. There was a time limit too and a sense of doom as you started defeating each coloured boss.

Developers take note: give me THAT game again, and I will buy it… Yes your meagre offering afforded me enough value from its small price to be ‘worthwhile’, but I did not enjoy the experience to anywhere near the same level…. To be a worthwhile and entertaining game, you need the deck editor, you need balanced (and interesting decks); but heh: why not expand on the map idea, and have wandering real players as well as bots for the duels? There has to be something to this concept surely??

On one positive note: I did like the challenges, it is a shame that there weren’t more (or even new ones added every month…. at least that would get me to open up the game again)