League of Legends Review
6.8our score

Gamers who have previously played Defense of the Ancients (DotA) will feel right at home with this tower defense game “League of Legends” from Riot Games. The game is developed by the original creators of DotA Allstars. The game was first released on April 10, 2009 as a closed beta and is currently still in the development process. New updates and content is released every week.

Gameplay – Preparation

Not all champions engage in combat…

League of Legends is a match-based online Role-Playing Game with no real single player mode (except from practice mode and the tutorial). Teams consist of 3 or 5 players. Once you have chosen your team, you are ready to play. If you don’t have that many friends, don’t worry, as the game will find players for you! Opponents are picked based on the rating of each individual player.

Depending on your team’s size the battlefield is either ‘The Twisted Treeline’ (3vs3) or ‘Summoners Rift’ (5vs5). Summoners Rift is a copy of a DotA map and gives the players more XP per match because of it’s larger size.

Once both your team and your opponents are ready to go, the next step will be to choose your champion in arms. Starting players can choose from 15 out of the 58 champions available on a free to play rotation schedule. Every week other champions become available, free to play. Players can unlock champions and “own” them either by using Riot Points (bought for real money) or Influence Points (earned by playing the game).

After choosing your champion, the next step will be to choose your spells. Players can choose (depending on their level) from a range of 11 spells. Choosing your spells wisely can make a difference between a defeat and a victory, so it is recommended to choose wisely! If your champion isn’t that fast on the battlefield, select a spell that makes your champion run or turn into a ghost to dodge other champions. If your role will be a tank to spank the other champions, use a heal spell when your health is low or teleport into action after dying.

Gameplay – Fight!

Players spawn in their own base once pitted each other. Each base has a shop, a nexus, turrets and two inhibitors. To win the match you will need to destroy your enemies nexus and all turrets that stand between you and said nexus. Each team spawns minions to assist in this task. These minions will follow set lanes that lead to the enemy base, and can’t be controlled by players (Think Tower Defense). Super minions strengthen your team and can be spawned by destroying the opponent’s inhibitor in each lane.

Newest Babe Champion: Miss Fortune

Champions start at level 1, and can advance to level 18 in each game. With each level you can unlock one out of 4 spells your champion can use to assist your team mates or to attack minions and champions. If you unlock all spells, you can upgrade existing spells to make them more powerful. Players can advance in levels by killing enemy minions or enemy champions. For each minion you kill, you will also earn some money which can be used to buy items in the shop. These items can give your champion more health, more mana, make your champion’s attack more powerful, run faster or even reduce the cooldown on your spells. To help new players the shop owner will offer each champion different preferred items in the shop. Again, a good item setup can make a difference between defeat and a victory!


Players will, just like their champions, advance in levels. The maximum level you can reach is 30, and this will enable players to play ranked matches. As with all games, winning will give you more XP than losing does. League of Legends players earn mastery points each time they advance a level and can use these masteries to strengthen their champions (Masteries can also be referred to as skills).


If you like playing tower defense Role-Playing games with some elements of MMO’s, League of Legends will definitely be a game for you. The game is free to play, but is still worth buying  as this gives you instant access to several characters and also gives you around 1600 Riot Points so you can purchase other characters or skins. Editor’s note: Whilst true, you can do this once already in the game now (the Collector’s Edition is now a bundle in the in-game shop) and you therefore don’t need to spend a penny to get started. In fact, you can play perfectly fine without ever spending a dime as you can unlock champions by just playing the game.
I hope to see you soon on one of the battlefields!

  • http://www.shadow1980.co.uk Evil Tactician

    This sounds like quite an interesting game. I really like tower defense games and RPG’s and combining the two genres into a multi-player experience just sounds like it could work.

    I think this was a really good review, look forward to your next one!

  • http://www.zyle.co.uk Zyle

    I’ve seen friends playing this game on steam and never actually looked into what it was as the name didn’t pique my interest – teaches me not to judge a game by its name, as it were. This actually sounds really fun!

  • vreaker

    Good review, i’d like to more on the technical aspects of the game. Why you gave such a score on the audio and graphics. Not an mmo kinda a guy but the tower d aspect appeals to me big time. Might check it out, again good review!

  • Ceriel Roland

    Thnx for the comments guys (and girl ;))

    @vreaker, well the scores are purely based on the technical aspects of the game. I really like the game and play it almost daily but the game still feels like a beta. Only two maps have been released, champions are altered with every patch (Strenght and damage). Plus the servers aren’t that stable wich you would normally get with a full release (or a finished game). The graphics are pretty good, not super HD but good. I play the game at very high and the quality is nice. Audio is limited, you always have the same intro music and the same taunts from champions wich gets bored in a while and people start to mimic them… UI and controls is very intuitive but still has still got a few bugs. The gameplay is very good and is maybe even a 9 ;) And the value ratio.. hmm as said before, if you pay 20 euro like me I would normally get a more “complete game”.
    Overall again, the game is very very addictive and nice to play especially if you have pre formed teams and talk with your fellow summoners on skype/ventrillo it is a lot of fun!
    Hope this helps a bit :)

  • http://www.tjoonz.com/ Marc D

    It sounds like this game can be either made or broken depending if you get dropped into a team who understands each other. I think it’s vital for my sanity to only play this with predetermined teams (on my side at least, opponents don’t matter), otherwise I’d probably have a few /facepalm moments and stop enjoying it.

  • http://www.shadow1980.co.uk Evil Tactician

    I’d rate this game even higher in it’s current state – it’s fantastic good fun, very polished and great value for money. (e.g.: free)

  • Caldorean

    And to bring up an old review I’d rate it even higher than it was rated about a year ago. Did spend the initial money and bought the disc, also spent a shitload of IP’s nowadays for getting runes as well as champs. And I really like it tbh.

  • http://www.shadow1980.co.uk Evil Tactician

    This definitely needs a re-review. I’ve been playing over a thousand matches and would say the game has gone from strength to strength.