Comments on: Evochron Mercenary Review Independent PC Game Reviews & Guides Wed, 11 Jul 2018 21:49:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Commandelicious Sun, 02 Dec 2012 14:21:52 +0000 When you are playing this without a joystick you are doing it wrong.
When you are playing this without trackIR or facetrackNoIR you are doing it wrong too.

Too complicated? It’s actually a bit hard to learn for the first one or two hours but then it becomes amazing, especially if you are a real fan of the genre and furthermore equipped.
But yeah, the jump button is really not that great placed but then, I use my mouse and you can actually rebind the controls.

By: Zim Sun, 25 Nov 2012 11:38:46 +0000 Firstly my friends and I are long time freelancer players so we were super excited upon picking this title up, learning curve ultimately means nothing to us so long as the game is good. Also I ran a dedicated server for MP. so far we have clocked about 20 hours together and have found all that we think the game has to offer
-massive expanse of space drives your explorers nerve
-combat and physics are excellent
-seamless atmospheric flight
-runs well for the level of graphics
-ability to build your own stations

-the universe is empty, nothing ever happening
-pitiful amount of ships to purchase
-little or no end game or story to give reason for progression at all
-too few components and recourses and no significant reason to do decent trade routes like in FL
-virtually non existent information on the game
-developer dropped what seems to be a half finished game and shows no sign of going anywhere with it
-insufficient modding community

We thought this game was the answer to our prays as we had exhausted our fully modded free lancer server and in the beginning it was, it had all the realism and difficulty we could have hoped for in a space combat simulator, the graphics were good not that that matters (minecraft) and partly because of the lack of information on the game there was an air of mystery surrounding it which really excited us, we pushed through the difficulties in the interface and gritted our teeth for hours until we were able to survive a dogfight, we mined and explored and we built stations and times were good, but where that should have been just the begging, its actually the end, sure there are hidden gates and the odd secret here and there but what is in these hidden systems, nothing useful so in the end theres no reason to explore and no reason to improve your ship because you will fight basically the same 4-5 ships for ever, do the same 4-5 mission types for ever and this gets boring in an empty universe very quick. The game has been patched to be bug free and smooth for many months and has had no development since, modders brought some visual upgrade (better textures, flaura on planets, planet rings etc) but nothing to fill the universe or give any reason for progression.

now I never played SP so I cant say if its different but to be honest for me and my friends there no point playing anything but MP.

Its half an awesome game but not all is lost all rejoice and check out star citizen and you wont worry about this game any more

By: Spook Wed, 19 Sep 2012 00:00:25 +0000 Brilliant game when you get past the first uncomfortable 2-3 hours of learning how to do the basics but boy is it worth it. Reminds me of Elite 2 alot and for anyone with an attention span greater than a 12 year old it is well recommended. Bad review by the way. The least you could do is attempt to learn the game before slating it. Games like this are not pick up and play but should not be criticised just because of that. A little effort goes a long way.

By: Andrew Ihegbu Wed, 13 Jun 2012 20:36:07 +0000 D3AthD3AL3R

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By: D3AthD3AL3R Wed, 13 Jun 2012 04:08:21 +0000 Evil Tactician Review is spot-on! Good game. Just takes too dam long to get into. o great game for someone who wants to spend 24-7 on. But i have to work! in REAL LIFE. don’t have the time nor patience to sit on a pc n play games all day like most of you by the sounds. Get off ya pcs n get a JOB!! u lazy lot. Evil Tactician= GOOD on reviews. each to their own. if you don’t like your tough shit. so STfu u dicks n get a JOB!

By: Milk Sat, 10 Mar 2012 20:46:01 +0000 @ Christopher

If you’d got nearer to the waypoint you’d have at some point noticed a pink thing in you radar which would have been the object you were tasked of finding. As for the waypoint disappearing, it hadn’t. There would have been a small square on the map where the missions nav point was. The one click sell is an annoyance though really you only make that mistake the first time, which i did too… (worse is the jettison cargo right below the news console but that’s going to be fixed). And yes the map is clunky and i would say the main weakness of the game. BUT the developper is working on a big expansion right now and the map will be completely overhauled, you should be able to grab and drag and such, so maybe try the game again after the expansion is out at least.

Definitely i do not get why this game has a reputation for steep learning curve. it might take some time to be perfect at it but certainly there’s nothing after one session of a couple of hours that you won’t know how to do and pretty much evrything seemed intuitive to me (except maybe the map).

By: Christopher Fri, 09 Mar 2012 17:50:05 +0000 - I’ve been playing games for over 20 years. Sims are not my thing, but Freelancer rocked so much, I wanted to get the same feeling again.
- I read about the game and was ready for a steep learning curve.
- I spent 2,5 hours reading the html manual, BEFORE launching the game for the first time .
- I went through half of the tutorial, until I figured out that it was basically a copy/paste of the manual, with a voice over.
- I finally thought I’d give it a go. So here goes:

Flying around was not so tough, even had a bit of fun turning off the inertial damper a few times. No problems there.

Finding out where to go though? Oh, My God! The game features the worst map interface I have ever seen in any game, ever!

I thought I’d visit a space station to get my first mission. I knew that red rectangles coming at you as you approach are no good, but there was no clear indication as to where the green rectangles should be, so I cruised around until the color changed. Didn’t make much sense to me, but whatever.

While in the station, I mistakenly sold some secondary equipment I had, because I happened to click on it… Once… Yes, I remember reading about it in the manual, but I didn’t believe it at the time. I mean, come on, single click selling? Who the hell would ever break such a basic user interface convention? Well, he did. And that was not the only one.

The point of no return for me, was what happened after I got my first mission. There was a way point I was supposed to go to and retrieve an undisclosed item from ‘somewhere around that area’. Presumably, I would need to take it back to the same station. Unfortunately, I never got to discover what that item was. When I got to that nav point, all I could see around me was three ships. I opened the stupid map again, hoping I’d get some kind of clue. I thought I saw something interested there and stupidly jumped to that location. That was it. I lost my previous nav point and reading through the mission did not help me find it again.

To the person who said that flying spaceships is not supposed to be easy: Playing games is not supposed to be this hard. It’s supposed to be fun.
Sorry guys, I’m sure you like all the openness and stuff. As for myself, I’ll try to find and install Freelancer again.

By: Mr Q Thu, 16 Feb 2012 10:28:50 +0000 I downloaded the game for the 90 Min demo, fist looks:

Nice GUI!
Nice controls Q,W,E,A,S,D Duh!
And the size of it all, wow! i mean it takes like 20 min to go to a planet you can see, i never seen this before.
Tweaks in the controlls setting and done! game works great. Keyboard and mouse.
did sale my first stuff :( but after a look in the controlls setting i found the controlls for the items i got :)

Still 30 min left on the demo, but
Overal tutorial is verry nice miss that in most games.
GUI nice!
Toke me some time to learn the controls but happy i can work with them now, ready miss then if i don’t got them.
Great planets enz., the way the gravity works is Ready cool, still crashed my ship first try :P

overal for demo I rate is a 8,6!

not 10.0::
No mouse tips in gui’s
not in depth tutorial about the small thinks.
not mp demo :(
still got some issues with sound.

Please correct me if I’m wrong with this revieuw of the game.

By: deMangler Sat, 11 Feb 2012 06:13:45 +0000 Luckily I read this review after buying the game. It doesn’t take much to put me off spending what little money I have and I would have missed out on this great game.
I am a veteran of Space Sims, I bought the original Elite for the BBC and have tried almost every one since. Of course they have all been disappointing to some degree, and all for different reasons.
If I had to say Evochron Mercenary disappoints in any way at all, it would be in simply still not being the perfect space sim I want. But it does come the closest yet. Closer than Eve, X3, Frontier, Privateer, Vega-Strike, Orbiter-sim, erm… memory fails me…
It is almost perfect.
Certainly worth the time taken to learn it and the money spent on buying it.
From what I have read on the forums, the specific little details that interfere with it’s perfection for me are also on the to-do list for updates, like more convincing living world stuff (economy, other NPC ship activity) and the scaling of planets being noticeably small and not orbiting. But this is just really nit-picky stuff, personal to me, to be honest, the existing gameplay is so enjoyable and immersive it almost makes up for it.
There is nothing at all wrong with the game as it stands, and this review, as another poster pointed out. Is Bogus.

tl;dr – This review is NOT actually worth the electricity it takes to display the pixels.

By: Maarschalk Fri, 10 Feb 2012 08:19:40 +0000 This Review is bogus and totally unfair and biased. I’m very upset and angry at the reviewer! Yes, you have the right to your opinion but to base it on 2-3 hours of game play is absurd! Does the reviewer really expect to jump in a complicated spacecraft and expect to do and know everything in 2 to 3 hours while ignoring the manual and instructions?
While it takes an Astronaut or a Pilot years to decades to become one? This is a Space Simulation Game bordering on the realistic physics side and with a good balance of learning curve and discovery of how things work! You need training and instructions like any good Flight SimuIator! For example you would not be able to fly an F-16 like in the Falcon Allied Force realistic Flight Simulator without reading the instructions and doing the training! I have been playing these games for 3 years and still discover new things!….I give this game Evochron Mercenary 10 stars over and beyond that of 5!