Comments on: Dungeons Review Independent PC Game Reviews & Guides Wed, 11 Jul 2018 21:49:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Sh3ikh Sat, 12 Feb 2011 19:37:12 +0000 i’m dissapointed this game had so much promise then ended up being a complete fail.

By: Challis Sat, 12 Feb 2011 18:01:07 +0000 This game is really, really poor. It’s been a while since I got actually angry with a game, cos at £29.99 I was expecting a real quality product – I was expecting something like Dungeon Keeper! I think the developers have been pretty cunning and kept quiet about some of the major mechanics in the game. Not telling people that you’ll only be required to build 3 room types in the entire game and then marketing yourself as a spiritual sequel to DK isn’t on really.

Just avoid this, it’s terrible on every level. Go play Overlord, it’s more of a sequel to Dungeon Keeper than this game is.

By: Ueriah Sat, 12 Feb 2011 16:20:30 +0000 I think you guys are being too easy on Dungeons.

I was looking forward to it as well. The marketed it as the next DK. The gameplay is so poor that after wasting a couple of hours of my life (which I will never get back!) I’ve already uninstalled it.

I like other games by this publisher – Tropico 3, specificially, but jeez they really missed the mark on this one.

Total stinker.

By: Evil Tactician Sat, 12 Feb 2011 08:48:10 +0000 Now Zyle isn’t the only one who played this game (I did as well) and unfortunately I can only echo her comments. Dungeons has a great engine, the graphics are quirky, fun and the interior well-designed but when it comes to pure gameplay Dungeons is a huge dissapointment.

Expanding your territory with the spawners is plain stupid, as you build spawners for the sake of expanding your territory instead of in locations where the monsters would be useful and fitting in your dungeon.

Similarly, the gimmicks are a great touch but they all serve pretty much the same function. I would have liked to see gimmicks and decoration which is useful for a specific set of heroes and hero levels. E.g. a spellcasting hero of low level might be after the same thing as other classes, but a high level spellcasting hero should have seen such things so often that they are only really inclined to investigate something that really tickles their fancy. (Like an ancient lost tome of devestating spells)

There’s a lot of things that ‘almost’ work, but generally this means they don’t really work in an enjoyable manner right now. The story and sidequests are mandatory but quite frankly I found them more a nuisance than a help. If the game would have had no story at all I would most likely have had a lot more fun. Sorry but I am building a Dungeon, I don’t give a shit about the Grave of the Zombie King’s mistress. I give even less of a shit about watering the plants on it, wasn’t I supposed to be a powerful Dungeon Lord?

That pretty much sums things up: I feel like an errand boy in Dungeons, not like the powerful and scary Dungeon Lord I am supposed to be.

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