Comments on: Defenders of Ardania Review Independent PC Game Reviews & Guides Wed, 11 Jul 2018 21:49:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Evil Tactician Wed, 27 Jun 2012 15:00:31 +0000 X-Com is one of my all-time favourite game series. I can’t wait until the new one comes out. And I’m not talking about the bioshock lookalike ;)

By: Simon Kulberg Sat, 23 Jun 2012 18:57:22 +0000 No accounting for taste I suppose. Just noticed you had taken a much more retro approach than most sites do, which I like. I have always enjoyed tactical games like X-Com, Commandos, Desperados and hands off defensive base constructions or rpg, maybe because I`m half lazy and half addicted to driving myself up the wall with puzzles.The sad part of course is that it`s getting harder and harder to find good games when one has such preferences.
Anyway I wasn`t serious when I said I wouldn`t take you…seriously. Just wanted to make my suggestions of some titles I`ve really enjoyed, some of which get marketed as if they`re Albanian cheese grinders compared to other, weaker ones.
Have a nice summer from Norway.

By: Kraken Wakes Mon, 18 Jun 2012 15:56:13 +0000 I too can review these venerable titles – and I’ll mostly be backing you up, Evil T: –

I’ve only played Homeworld 2, which was excellent. Complex, challenging, gorgeous and plenty of great mods out there. I hear similar stuff about the first one, in fact many people liked it more, so that gets a somewhat unconsidered 8/10 from me.

I don’t know EU3. And technically, I’ve currently given up computer games because I’ve just moved to another country and really need to do things like get a job and learn a new language. But the reputation it has is formidable, and I cower, mewling and eager to please, before any good strategy game. I’ve always been put off buying it by the rather grim-looking screenshots, if I’m honest, but I’m shallow that way.

Warcraft 3 is a classic. Great romp, cheery graphics, wonderful campaigns in both original and expansion, and allows you to live the legends referred to in WoW (if that’s your thing. it’s not mine, I hate it). 9/10 – it loses one point because I’m no good at it and being beaten heavily every time I play makes me sour.

Gal Civ 2 (and all expansions) – yes, it’s good, sort of. Again, the interface is clumsy and a bit off-putting, definitely by modern standards, but even back in the day my copies always struggled with graphics problems. I love being able to design my own ships; I hate that they always look terrible. Like any other Civ-a-like, the game can be frustratingly random sometimes, but it’s very well put together overall. If you like it, you may also enjoy newcomers to the genre like Endless Space (shiny, simple but very involving) or Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (not truly a newcomer, but the highly evolved descendant of a good ‘un).

Defense Grid is good. But you’d really not take Manapool seriously if we didn’t review it? Wow, I’ve underestimated the importance of tower defence greatly. As a light and entertaining game for casual play, I’d recommend it greatly, but it’s hardly the hardcore of greatness I dream of in my game-deprived slumber. Company of Heroes 2…

I played Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich, loved it. Original, entertaining, just hard enough to keep me going and a great nod to many of the comics I loved as a nipper. I can’t think why they didn’t do a Sandman mod. Or a Preacher one. For the kids, you know.

I can’t handle adventure games at all. I don’t have the brain or the patience for it. even though I have the patience to play 184 hours of Shogun 2, according to Steam.

Ghost Master I hear great things of; I played Evil Genius, and wanted to love it more than I did. I guess I was expecting it to be a lot more like Dungeon Master, the great classic of my day. It’s sort of a good game, but extremely hard and brutally unforgiving, I found. You need to be an Evil Genius to play it, basically, and even then the chaining together of traps for hilarious combos just doesn’t happen as much as you want it to. Even when you’ve got them working, the super agents come and break stuff and kill all your henchies too often and too easily. Maybe I’m too good and stupid, though.

By: Evil Tactician Mon, 18 Jun 2012 14:31:39 +0000 I can do a quick opinion on some of those titles (though bear in mind they’re 100% personal opinions)

Homeworld: I’ve never got into the game – but I’m not a big RTS fan. At the time I wasn’t interested and later on, well. I don’t think it aged well. I did try later on but something stopped me from enjoying it and I have no idea what it was. (Probably controls/UI)

EUIII: Guilty as charged. Though a review would be a big job, I feel like there’s so much to say about the game.

Gal Civ 2: Now here’s an odd one. I -love- 4x sci-fi games. I’ve racked up thousands upon thousands of hours in games like Master of Orion 1/2 (even a bit of 3, though that was well.. crap…), Space Empires 4/5, etc. etc.
But Galactic Civilizations… I own at least 2 copies, but I literally -cannot- enjoy this game. It always felt cold/distant and inaccessible to me. I completely failed to get immersed. I’m not sure why – I really want to like the game, but I just can’t :( I don’t feel it’s fair reviewing as many people love it and it’s probably just me.

Defense Grid: Played it, one of the better TDS games out there imo :) Not sure if it’s still worth reviewing at this point.

Adventure: Not really my genre – our resident adventure reviewer has gone awol as well unfortunately :(

Ghost Master: Never played it. I think I bought it on Steam but never launched it yet.

Evil Genius: Hrm. I thought it was interesting but only really kept me interested for 1 session – one saturday afternoon. Never felt like returning to it as it was a so-so game in terms of gameplay…

By: Simon Kulberg Sat, 16 Jun 2012 19:52:57 +0000 Just wanted to post a complaint in a random location on this site regarding the conspicuous absence of certain titles in the review sections.
Strategy: Homeworld and Cataclysm, Europa Universalis III, Warcraft III, Galactic Civilizations 2, Defense Grid and Freedom Force one and two.
Adventure: Broken Sword and Stupid Invaders.
Also, get Ghost Master and Evil Genius played and reviewed, or risk not being taken seriously!