RENATIONS launch date announced

RENATIONS is a new strategy MMO set in a post apocalyptic world. The game introduces many new ideas for the genre and the developers are looking forward to challenge the big and well-established browser games.  

Independent developer Pikaia Games will open the doors to RENATIONS on the 24th of November. This date marks the start of the anticipated public beta.

RENATIONS is a new free strategy game that features four playable factions, each one with unique traits, military units, buildings and research tree. In the game you will encounter many unique game mechanics such as siege weapons, rare resources, cooperative PVE instances, the ability to form treaties, the possibility to establish embassies in foreign nations and much more.

The game feature extensive lore and emphasizes the art of storytelling. The plot of RENATIONS is set in a future post apocalyptic world. Centuries have passed since the Great Disaster and our world has just begun to recover from its wounds. In this time, four factions, all claiming to be descendants of the ancient human civilization once again rise to reclaim their heritage – the Earth. As the plot unveils, the story touches many of the problems and conflicts that we face in our time. Topics like the climate crisis, religion, racism and our dependence on technology are covered to provide further depth to the game.

”This is a game that has been missing in the genre, pushing the gamers and the genre into a new direction. RENATIONS contemporary theme together with its unique storyline unveils a whole new experience for the gamer. As we now draw closer to the release of the beta we can with certainty say that we are looking forward to push the limit within browser-based strategy games” says lead programmer Rikard Wissing.

RENATIONS has been developed with focus on accessibility and is available from any online device with a web browser. No plugins or downloads are required. This means that the game can be played anywhere and at any time. The game is already optimized for the iPad and Pikaia Games will launch a dedicated mobile client during next year.

Artwork by Sascha Blättgen

Art in the game has been produced by veteran game genie Sascha Blättgen. He is best known for his work with ”The Settlers” video games series where he participated in the development of games such as ”Heritage of Kings: The Settlers” and ”Settlers 2: Next Generation”.

RENATIONS will launch as open beta on the 24th of November.

Pikaia Games have invited Mana Pool readers in a first hand preview of RENATIONS. They’ve included 50 exclusive invitations, which you can access with the following link.

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