Reboot 3 Bundle

This latest offer from Bundle Stars gives gamers the opportunity to grab no less than six action-packed Steam games for only $1.99 / £1.49. Not that this price only lasts for the first 48 hours, after which it goes up a little on April 10th, so do check out this bundle before this happens!

The Reboot Bundle 3.0 lets gamers play the role of wild Viking warriors, a blade-wielding death-dealing anime girl, and dragons with a penchant for burning castles and kidnapping princesses. From waging war in the brutal Middle Ages, to spilling blood in far-away galaxies, Reboot 3.0 has got you covered.

The Reboot Bundle 3.0 provides six new additions to a gamer’s Steam library, with the lion’s share of proceeds going straight to the games’ developers and publishers.

Reboot 3 Bundle Content

The Reboot Bundle 3.0 provides six new additions to a gamer’s Steam library.

  • Rune Classic – Experience vicious up close and personal melee action.
  • X-Blades – An opulent, anime-inspired hack’n’slay fest for fans of action games.
  • Hoard Complete Pack (includes 2 DLC add-on packs) – Be the dragon! Burn, loot and kill!
  • Ion Assault – A shoot ‘em up with deep gameplay and gorgeous particle effects.
  • Knights & Merchants – A classic Settlers-style strategy game set in the Middle Ages.
  • Planets Under Attack – Conquer a galaxy of planets with your mighty space armada.

Remember to grab this Bundle before the price rises on April 10th!

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